Asphalt prices force paving projects over budget

August 11, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- Rebounding markets have forced Antrim Township over budget on its 2009 road-paving projects.

Roadmaster Paul Minnich said Tuesday that the climbing price of asphalt will exceed the escalator clause of its paving contract, pushing Antrim Township about $100,000 over budget.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to pay the additional money to keep paving on target.

"This is cheaper than last year," Supervisor Fred Young III said. "A year ago, we would not have been able to get it for this price."

In 2008, Minnich estimated it would cost about $1 million to pave eight miles of township roads.

About $1,065,000 was budgeted to repair Shanks Church, Shinham, Marsh, Gearhart, Rabbit and Grant Shook roads.

To date, $185,000 of the budget has been spent and about two miles of road have been repaired, Minnich said.

With the bulk of the work yet to be completed, Minnich said project contractor Fayetteville Contractors Inc. of Fayetteville, Pa., has indicated the price of asphalt will require implementing the 10 percent escalator clause built into its contract.


Minnich said he needed the green light from supervisors to proceed with paving the last four roads -- Shinham, Rabbit, Gearhart and Marsh.

His $100,000 estimate was liberal, he said, allowing room in case prices continue to increase.

"But you know how prices go up and down," he said. "The price could go back down after Labor Day."

The remaining six miles of road are in the worst shape, and the township already is planning to pave seven miles of road in 2010, so the board said it wanted to continue as planned.

Antrim Township should have all of its paving completed by mid-September, Minnich said.

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