Mail Call

August 11, 2009

"It will be interesting to see if the government will be bailing out all of the people cashing in on the 'Cash for Clunkers' deal. I'm sure, just like with the housing industry, people were talked into a vehicle that they cannot afford. So after about six months of a vehicle payment that they previously did not have in their budget, they will be looking to Obama to make things all better again. Of course, like everything else, this (will) be everyone else's fault except for the person that signed the paper." - Maugansville

"Cash for Clunkers sure is a boondoggle. How have they gotten away with this? Of course, the car dealers love it, as do the people who were able to buy a new vehicle. And it didn't even need to be an American vehicle. All the rest of us taxpayers get to foot the bill." - Hancock


"Wishful thinking, but I'd like to see Larry King or Wolf Blitzer interview a senator or congressman that supports Obama's health plan. One question: Would any of you give up your federal health plan for the one that you want us to support? I know what the answer would (be) for these so-called individuals who are supposed to represent us." - Falling Waters, W. Va.

"The hole on Pennsylvania Avenue at Haven Road has been fixed - thank you." - Hagerstown

"This California congresswoman wants to have her town meeting by telephone for two reasons. No. 1, she doesn't have the guts to face her constituents, and No. 2, the phone calls can be screened and only accept the ones in favor of their agenda." - Hagerstown

"I'm an advocate of preventative medicine. If you know what's gonna happen up front, you know what to do about it. So instead of telling us about washing our hands, cough into our sleeve and do this and do that, why don't they tell us what the signs of the swine flu are so that we can keep a better look out for it?" - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Someone called in and said that the stock market tanked during Obama's time. That's not true. It has tanked twice during Bush's time. ... Both of those times were during Bush's time. I should know; I've lost over $300,000 and I'm just starting to get it back, now that the Democrats are back in." - Hagerstown

"I, too, live in Williams-port, Md. This is to the people who are saying about letting their kids run all over Williamsport, they have no place else to play. When I was a kid, I used to have to play in my yard or play with the little cars and stuff, or we played ball. But the people who are complaining about these kids running around Williamsport, say they're allowed to do it, the kids are going around damaging other people's property, and what are they gonna do when people come and ask them to pay for the property that they damaged? Are they gonna pay for it? And there should be a curfew in Williamsport. ... And thanks to the officer ... for enforcing that kids be off the street thing." - Williamsport

"I would like to make this comment: I'm watching something on TV about the ASPCA and the humane society for the U.S. They're always asking for money, donations to help animals, which I am 100 percent for, but these are the same people who want to arrest people for cruelty to animals, and they are the same people who will euthanize an animal because they can't find a home for it. So my thing is, why don't you try to find a home instead of always euthanizing an animal? If you love the animal and you're for the animals of the U.S., then save them. Quit euthanizing them." - Hagerstown

"Once again, I've been enlightened by my favorite of your Sunday paper, the comics. I was always under the impression that Charlie Brown's baseball teams never won a game, but I read in the paper where Linus and Snoopy pulled off a game-ending double play, which when you think about it, the game is over. They had to win the ballgame, so ..." - Hagerstown

"Talk about Cornell Raceway - come on out here to the White Hall, Landis Road, Mount Aetna Road area. We're holding Monte Carlo tryouts out here and apparently the police aren't invited to it, either." - Washington County

"Within the past week, there have been three uses of the phrase 'drunken sailors' printed in The Herald-Mail. At a time when our young soldiers and sailors and airmen are in harm's way all across this globe, could we please strive to find a less offensive and more accurate comparison that does not show disrespect for those risking the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf?" - Hagerstown

"To the Hagerstown caller that's sick and tired of hearing people wanting to ban pit bulls: It's all in how you raise the animal. If you raise them to be nasty and vicious, that's how the animal will turn out. If you raise them to be kind and gentle, that's how they will turn out. It's not the animal's fault; it's the owner's fault. You shouldn't ban an animal. You should ban the owner." - Greencastle, Pa.

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