Letters to the Editor

August 10, 2009

Local health care is second to none

To the editor:

I would like to tell the people who work at the Washington County Hospital that I think the health care you provide us is second to none. I've lived my whole life in this county and am 86 years old, married with three sons, all born in the hospital.

Like most families, we experienced many visits to the hospital, my wife had surgery a couple of times, the boys also, you know, removing tonsils, hernias and those kinds of things through the years. I had brain surgery in January 1982, and prostate cancer treatment in 2000. They all were very successful. Also, I had two cath lab procedures in Washington County and heart surgery in Baltimore in 2000. So, I think I can say without question that we should be very proud and grateful for our Washington County Hospital.

I just think those responsible for the planning that made our Robinwood Medical Center a reality have my admiration and should be commended.


The waiting time in the emergency room could be something that the hospital might work on to improve this problem. However, I'm sure there are reasons for this long waiting period that patients do not know about. When I think about the new hospital being built and will open to serve our community in late 2010, it makes me very proud to live here.

Jack Myers

Health care initiative is not 'rational'

To the editor:

Perhaps the government's "national health care initiative" should be referred to as its "rational health care initiative." No, not rational as in logical or sensible. Rational as in government RATIONed.

If we think that the passage of this legislation wouldn't eventually result in some not-so-healthy or caring rationing of our medical care in order to contain costs and deal with the impending Social Security demographics crisis, then we better think again. Do we really believe that Pelosi-minded social engineers want people (other than themselves, of course) to live to a ripe old age?

What better instrument to reduce medical and Social Security costs than the authority to control and ration health care? It's sad to say but I'm not convinced that this government wouldn't hesitate at sacrificing whomever it deems financially burdensome if it would save enough money and somehow make them appear as social saviors at the same time.

Of course, with proper accounting practices and continued mainstream press cooperation, much of the "savings" could then be diverted to a whole new and grander set of entitlements and self-empowerment schemes. 

Doug Harp
Greencastle, Pa.

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