Mail Call

August 10, 2009

"This is regarding the use of taxpayer money going to pay for rooms for the Conococheague Little League families to go to the tournament. I am all for the league, and I certainly hope they win. It's a wonderful honor. Years ago when my son was in the same situation, we didn't have help. If the families wanted to go, they paid their own way. It's not up to the taxpayers to pay for the parents and the families. If you can't afford to go, wish your child good luck and watch it on TV." - Boonsboro

"I just wanted to know why companies won't give people second chances. You (mess) up one time in life, you get a felony on your record, and now nobody wants to hire a felon. I mean, everybody messes up. Everybody's supposed to believe in second chances and soon as you put down you have a felony, you get no phone call. I just want to know why that is. Even temp agencies won't even let you walk in the door half the time." - Clear Spring


"I picked up The Herald-Mail this morning and read a column by David Limbaugh. ... I believe in listening to all sides of an argument, liberal and conservative, but if this newspaper is going to include the lunatic fringe, I think that it is about time to bail out." - Halfway

"The County Commuter should get some new stops. I think stopping at railroad tracks and letting people off, going through intersections and coming to a complete stop, are bad areas to have stops for pickup and let off people. There should actually be a sign that says this is a stop for the County Commuter." - Hagerstown

"I wish certain companies would appreciate the employees that are in customer service occupations. We happen to do customer service work, and sometimes we feel that we're not appreciated. We feel that we're at the bottom of the pot, and employers need to be aware that it takes all jobs to come together, entry level as well as superior level, not just the superior level, and take (this) fact into consideration." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the three motherless fawns on Halfway Boulevard. There are a number of people who are feeding them and they are feeding them in the woods close to Halfway Boulevard, which does not make sense. If you want to feed them, please feed them across the field on Oak Ridge Drive because there are some woods back there. It would be great if we could relocate them." - Halfway

"Congress and the president came up with this Cash for Clunkers program, which is basically giving away money, and are terribly surprised when its funds are almost immediately exhausted, and computers crash and other big problems crop up. Come on, is this merely incompetence or something worse? ... In any case, this certainly proves that they are obviously incapable of competently running or truly reforming our ... far more complicated health system." - Frederick, Md.

"Here's a clue about how to be smart. Don't buy a new car if you can't afford to pay it off in three years or less. If you can't, you can't afford it." - Hagerstown

"Isn't there a law about parking on city streets? I'm shocked at how many vehicles are parked completely out in traffic by over a tire." - Boonsboro

"I just have a comment about the Little League in Williamsport requesting county funding. I just think it's absolutely absurd for the Little League to request money from the county for families to watch their children go and play baseball. I don't care if it's the state final, a regional, whatever. I am a child of a parent who took a team to the World Series in 1968. We paid our own (way). I don't think that it is the responsibility of the county to pay for families to go." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in regard to the closing of Sideling Hill. I was one of the people that helped build that, and it kind of saddens me to see it being closed down. But you know, what's another multimillion-dollar facility in Maryland being closed down, so it can be vandalized and not taken care of, and it'll sit on the side of the mountain and rot?" - Fairfield, Pa.

"I bought a fuel-efficient vehicle in 1999 and I'm still driving it today, and nobody ever gave me any money and I sure don't want to pay for somebody else to get a new vehicle." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to just say whomever has taken the carts from Hub City Coin Laundromat on the corner of Willard and Jefferson, these carts are very expensive and they're not for home use. Please bring them back and there'll be no questions asked. If we do catch you, you will be processed by the law. So we hope that you're an honest citizen and return them to the place of business." - Hagerstown

"Say I have an $800 car and I trade it in on a new car and I get $4,000 for it. That means I just saved $3,200. Where does that $3,200 come from? Oh, I know - the government. That means taxpayers like me. And I saw on CNN the other night that they have these beautiful T-shirts out, with Obama as the Joker, the socialist joker. I wouldn't mind buying one of those T-shirts if I knew where I could get it." - Washington County

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