Washington County schools trying to fill 17 vacancies

August 09, 2009|By DAN DEARTH

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Washington County Public Schools officials are hustling to fill 17 personnel vacancies before the academic year begins Aug. 19.

Nicole Paylor, supervisor of human resources and teacher personnel for Washington County Public Schools, said substitutes would be hired if the jobs aren't filled by the time classes begin.

"We are currently working very hard to fill these positions," Paylor said during a telephone interview last week. "We've processed approximately 2,000 teaching applications (since Nov. 8)."

Paylor said Washington County Public Schools has hired 118 teachers this year.

Among the positions the school system is trying to fill are three reading specialists, two science teachers and two music teachers.


The salary for teachers with bachelor's degrees starts at $43,662 per year, Paylor said. The starting salary increases to $45,130 for teachers with master's degrees.

The scale tops out at $56,630 for teachers with bachelor's degrees and at $74,086 for teachers with master's degrees, Paylor said.

Substitute teachers with a teaching certificate can earn up to $100 a day, Paylor said.

The daily earnings drop to $75 for substitutes with a "bachelor's degree or above" with no teaching certificate and to $64 per day for substitutes with "less than a bachelor's degree but no less than a high school diploma," Paylor said.

Following are the positions Washington County Public Schools is trying to fill:

  • Three reading specialists

  • Three social workers

  • Two science teachers

  • Two special education teachers

  • Two music teachers

  • One English teacher

  • One health/physical education teacher

  • One substance abuse-prevention counselor

  • One technology education teacher

  • One world language teacher

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