What Do You Think?

August 08, 2009

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

Last week there were three poll questions.

The first question was: Do you approve of the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras as a law enforcement tool?

"No! Big Brother will have us all wearing GPS chips to coincide with the cameras."

"People today are afraid to walk after dark because they might be robbed at gun or knifepoint. Businesses suffer because of this. Cameras are a strong deterrent to crime. ... If you are an honest person, then what do you have to fear? It is for your protection."

"I say whatever it takes to get the bad guys (criminals). Once you have stepped outside there's no privacy laws that will protect you. In all my 46 years of life, I never been in trouble with the law, so I have nothing to worry about. I don't feel this has anything to do with the government. It's a way for the police to do a better job."


"I'm all for the cameras. What we need is for citizens to start speaking up and reporting suspicious activities. The police can't be everywhere. It also helps if citizens get involved and do their part. That's what makes these streets safe."

"We have the constitutional right to confront our accusers. However, this right was taken away from us with red-light cameras. I don't mind if someone is pulled over and given a speeding ticket, but don't strip our rights ILO technology. It's a slippery slope. I realize cameras can do good at times but they are not the answer to fighting crime."

"For me it depends on who's on the other end of the camera. If it's a private company I wouldn't mind as much. My problem is with an unaccountable, untouchable, power-drunk government that is able to watch you wherever."

The second question was: Do you think the recession is winding down?

"If you were to read the Dow like a thermometer some might say that we're getting better. Temperature, however, is not the only indicator of health. Our government has pumped so many toxins into our economy's veins that it has destroyed our financial liver and we now require dialysis (aka constant loans from the Chinese)."

"I believe it's just getting in full swing, but it is a bipartisan problem. The system is broken, Bush decimated our economy for the past eight years, the Bush administration dug a deep hole and we are in the bottom of it. I don't believe the bailouts have helped anything. Remember, the bailouts started under Bush and now continue under Obama. Don't buy on credit, don't spend money you don't have, and live responsibly and you may be OK! Invest carefully or not at all! Good Luck!"

"The light at the end of the tunnel is a train."

The third question was: Washington County Public Schools begin the new school year on Aug. 19. Do you think that is too early?

"Too early and on a Wednesday...what gives?? Start fresh on a Monday."

"When I went to school way back when, school use to start in September. Why are they taking part of the children's summer away from them?"

"Next thing you know they'll be wanting school to be all year round. With a few weeks break in between."

"Not too early at all, as long as the air conditioning systems in some of the older schools are in good condition (Boonsboro's wasn't even in my days there - 18 years ago!) I see no problem with school being year-round frankly - longer time to learn, less time for the kids to get in trouble. Just have a few more week-long or few days-long breaks during the year, and no worrying about snow days! It keeps them more productive, and prepares them for the "real world" as adults, where they don't get the whole summer off!"

"School should be year round - 12 months a year!! Sports should be for after hours, outside of school. Play on your own time, not school time. Schools have AC units and heating, there really is ZERO reason why school shouldn't be 12 months a year. If its a budget issue, that's easily cured by cutting all sports programs."

"No, it's not too early. The students are ready to return and parents are ready for their kids to go back to school. The earlier WCPS begins the earlier the school year ends."

"Way too early! Every year its earlier. Soon they wont have a summer vacation! It's too hot also! What happened to it being after Labor Day like when I went to school? I think that's best so kids can enjoy vacations with their families and friends."

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