Deed transfers for July 2009

August 08, 2009

Deed transfers for July 2009

Lisa Marie Dane, 131 Catawba Place, Hagerstown, to Kristen C. Mroz, for $189,900.

Cynthia J. and Todd A. Missling, 27 S. Vermont St., Williamsport, to Lori A. Ayers, for $95,000.

Joseph R. Squires, 4910 General Branch Court, Sharpsburg, to Stephen D. Winebrenner, for $232,000.

Raysa J. Cruz, 13916 Sweet Vale Drive, Hagerstown, to Denise M. Howell Et Al, for $155,000.

Frank W. Klein, 345 Vale St., Hagerstown, to Kelley G. Poole, for $104,000.

Roxie Irene Chew, 139 Southern Oak Drive, Hagerstown, to Kitty D. Kline, for $149,000.

Gail L. Diller, 10310 Lehmans Mill Road, Hagerstown, to Nathan H. Diller, for $280,000.

Bessie L. Munson revocable trust, 11902 Greenhill Drive, Hagerstown, to William G. Greenwald, for $180,000.

Yoland M. Gainey, 243 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Ryan J. Nau, for $168,000.

John R. and Bonnie L. Hopkins, 17036 Fairplay Farms Court, Fairplay, to Benjamin E. Burger Sr., for $220,000.


Mark E. and Sandra L. Baker, 11832 Bradford Drive, Hagerstown, to Rachael Freeman, for $220,000.

Charles M. and Julie N. McGuffin, 20727 Keadle Road, Boonsboro, to Kathy J. Ausherman, for $110,000.

John E. and Brenda L. Benner, 13811 Long Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Jared W. Horner, for $210,000.

Pete J. and Stacy A. Strates, 17015 Bivens Lane, Hagerstown, to Kurt Mogard, for $410,000.

Thomas H. III and Mona E. Hardinge, 932 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Steven A. Silas, for $230,000.

Kirsta R. McCullough, 107 Potomac St., Boonsboro, to Janice M. Graham, for $148,000.

Derek D. and June T. Cheatham, 17003 Bivens Lane, Hagerstown, to Sharon E. Williams, for $409,000.

Rodney D. and Linda J. Weicht, 106 Daniels Court, Smithsburg, to Cynthia A. McConnell, for $215,000.

Robin L. Deavers, 18901 Rolling Road, Hagerstown, to Kevin A. Greszler, for $189,000.

Anita Jean White, 152 Plantation Drive, Hagerstown, to Jorgen S. Pedersen, for $225,000.

Grayson B. Cochran, 18408 Manor Church Road, Boonsboro, to JGC Enterprises LLC, for $140,000.

Leon P. and Gail M. Younger, 19941 Yarrowsburg Road, Knoxville, to Lyle Royston, for $270,000.

Edwin and Ester Czovek, 20224 Kellys Lane, Hagerstown, to Willie Demetrius Richardson, for $135,000.

Cortland Manor Development LLC, 13061 Little Hayden Circle, Hagerstown, to Cynthia J. Wolfinger, for $139,900.

K. Hovnanian Homes of MD LLC, 116 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Chad Vaughn, for $168,290.

Jeffrey W. and Julie A. Poffenberger, 17238 Powell Road, Sharpsburg, to Jesse A. Rohrer, for $256,000.

Glenn L. Bowman, 18013 Putter Drive, Hagerstown, to Mark A. Miller, for $147,500.

William H. and Bonnie Eichelberger, 13523 The Heights, Hagerstown, to John A. Latimer IV, for $434,000.

Luke H. Bowers, 251 Maryland Ave., Hancock, to Shawn J. Moore, for $199,000.

Trudy Dartouzos, 13306 Little Antietam Road, Hagerstown, to Terri Lee Taylor, for $229,000.

Terri Lee Taylor, 713 Sunset Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael S. Burgess, for $170,000.

Goldie G. McAbee, 1745 Edgewood Hill Circle, Hagerstown, to Shaw Holdings LLC, for $80,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12904 Yellow Jacket Road, Hagerstown, to Cory D. Johnson, for $185,990.

John A. IV and Cassandra H. Latimer, 13439 Cherry Tree Circle, Hagerstown, to George O. Funkhouser Et Al, for $248,860.

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