Maryland discounts purchase of trees

August 07, 2009|By ABIGAIL YEAGER / Special to The Herald-Mail

Martin O'Malley has been governor of Maryland since 2007. One of his priorities is to help Maryland "go green," and one way to do that is to encourage state residents to plant trees.

A state program, Marylanders Plant Trees, has a goal -- to get 1 million new trees planted in the state by 2011, with private citizens contributing 50,000. This is the first year for the program.

To encourage people to buy and plant trees, the state has distributed discount coupons to participating businesses. The coupons are worth $25 off trees selling for $50 or more.

Two local garden centers -- Snavely's Garden Corner on Leitersburg Pike, northeast of Hagerstown; and Family Tree Re-Wholesale Nursery, 9915 Garis Shop Rd., Hagerstown -- offer the discount.


"The idea behind the program is to have some incentive to plant trees and add to the green cover in Maryland," said John Snavely, co-owner of Snavely's.

To get the discount, tree buyers must select a tree worth at least $50 from a state-approved list. Snavely's will knock $25 off the price. Buyers may purchase more than one tree; each tree is eligible for a $25 discount.

There's a little bit of paperwork to fill out, Snavely said, and that's it.

"We felt it was a pretty good program. So we took part in it, and we would do it as long as they, the state, saw fit to continue it," he said.

Summer is not a great time to plant trees, Snavely said. But autumn is. The discount program continues through Nov. 30, he said.

"People think that winter is the most difficult time, but actually summer is the most difficult time," he said. "When people ask me when the best time to plant a tree is, I say Oct. 15."

For more information on the program, plus a list of state-approved trees, go to .

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