Maugansville woman charged in husband's stabbing

August 06, 2009|By DAVE McMILLION

HAGERSTOWN -- A Maugansville woman was charged with attempted first-degree murder and her husband was taken to the hospital with stab wounds after the two got into a fight, according to Washington County District Court records.

Washington County Sheriff's Deputy R.L. Socks, who responded Tuesday morning to the incident at 111 Tulip Court in Hagerstown, wrote in court documents that he found blood on a wall in a living room, in a hallway and on a floor upstairs.

Socks said a doctor later told him that Jack Merrbaugh was stabbed three times in the left shoulder blade, twice in the left triceps and once in the head.

Merrbaugh's wife, Barbara Ann Merrbaugh, 44, of 13908 Maugansville Road, also was charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault, according to court records. She was being held without bond Thursday night at the Washington County Detention Center.


Socks, who responded to the scene at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, wrote in a complaint that two Maryland State Police troopers were at the house when he arrived. Socks said Jack Merrbaugh's head was bleeding and there was a lot of blood on his shirt, according to court documents.

A doctor said that Merrbaugh's left lung had collapsed, but the doctor could not say whether it was caused by the stabbing, according to court documents.

Socks wrote that Merrbaugh told him he arrived home to find his wife had locked him out. Merrbaugh said he climbed into the house through a window and walked upstairs, according to court documents.

Merrbaugh said when he reached the top of the stairs, his wife was yelling and accused him of cheating on her. Merrbaugh said he pushed his wife and she started throwing things at him, according to court documents.

Merrbaugh alleged to police that his wife came at him, pulled his shirt over his head, and he felt himself being stabbed in the back.

Socks said in the complaint he went upstairs to a bedroom and Trooper 1st Class H. Doll showed him a pair of scissors that had blood on them. Socks said he told Barbara Merrbaugh he had found the scissors, and Socks said he asked Barbara Merrbaugh if she stabbed her husband.

Barbara Merrbaugh said, "I might have, yes," according to court documents.

Barbara Merrbaugh told Socks that she was so angry she could not remember what happened, according to court documents.

Barbara Merrbaugh had bruises on her left biceps area and she claimed they were caused by her husband; Jack Merrbaugh said any bruises on her biceps were caused by him defending himself, according to court documents.

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