Mail Call

August 04, 2009

"I just wanted to say congratulations to the 11-12 All-Star Conococheague team, who won the Maryland state Little League title Friday in Waldorf, Md., and just want to wish them good luck in Bristol, Conn." - Hagerstown

"I'm growing tired of those who 'have' in this nation complaining, when there are more and more people out of work. It's time for the more fortunate to step up to the plate and help. At least for another year, we should come together by helping food banks, churches and goodwill organizations to provide the necessary support to get us through these difficult times. It is the American way." - Downsville

"To the individual in Funkstown with the barometer: If you go down to the Laundromat, up from the American Legion, on the front of the building is a little plaque put in the front by the geological survey commission back in the '20s. It will tell you how to set your barometer. It has how high Funkstown is above sea level. That's the only thing you know. Go from there, and good luck." - Washington County


"A caller recently stated that although they are against abortion, they are opposed to the graphic pictures being displayed on Washington Street. Yes, they were 'graphic, distasteful and gross,' but without pictures, abortion and partial-birth abortion (aka late-term abortion) are simply the names given to legal procedures. Those graphic posters give us a visual of what is done to the unborn. Without pictures, we would never fully grasp the horrors of war, the Holocaust or hunger in Third World nations." - Funkstown

"What a waste of good newspaper space, giving Gene Weingarten top billing on the Opinion page, when there are far better columnists like Cal Thomas, Kathleen Parker, and yes, our local columnist, Tim Rowland, who writes discerning and intelligent editorials on current issues, but forget the animal stories please. Weingarten writes blather about nothing of interest to anybody. Why does the newspaper pay for such drivel?" - Hagerstown

"President Obama ... played the media by getting the individuals involved together for a Rose Garden beer summit. How dramatic an event was that? On a much higher plane, one of our lowest-rated presidents, Jimmy Carter, accomplished a lasting peace accord between Israel and Egypt by getting the leaders of these sparring nations together at Camp David. Perhaps our president isn't geared for anything greater than neighborhood controversies, pretty much the experience he brought to the office." - Washington County

"So you must start with the basics for medical reform. The next time you see doctors, ask them how much they pay for liability insurance and then tell me your expertise on basics. The basic is tort reform and ridding the medical profession of incompetent personnel. If the courts do not stop the ridiculous settlements that make lawyers rich and far exceed anyone's need for multiple lifetimes, there is no chance for reforms. Being we, the people, constantly elect lawyers as their representatives, there is no chance." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Has anyone realized that the money they are using for 'Cash for Clunkers' isn't just falling out of the sky? It's being taken out of all of us taxpaying citizens' pockets. Some of those vehicles they are turning in look better than anything I've ever owned. They disable them on the spot (pour something in the engine). They could be donated to charities for people that wouldn't be driving long distances anyway." - Hancock

"The car companies could save money by not putting blinkers in cars anymore because half the people don't know to use them." - Bridgeport

"I'd like to comment on the universal health care that President Obama wants us to have. The only way I would consider it would be if President Obama, the Congress, the Senate and all the rich people in the U.S. had the same coverage that we had. If he wants universal, then the rich ones should have the same coverage as the poor people." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I, too, am calling about the three fawns that are motherless on Halfway Boulevard. I saw one, just standing there looking at traffic. I can't understand why someone will not get involved. That's the thing. No one wants to get involved. Relocate those poor animals. Give them a chance. The little thing was just looking at the traffic - and then you know what's gonna happen to them. And that's not nature. So please, can someone get involved and relocate them where they can at least have a chance?" - Hagerstown

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