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August 03, 2009

Editor's note: This article appeared in The Herald-Mail newspaper Aug. 2, 2009:

"If everybody would take responsibility for one's own self and not pull their own weight, imagine how different this country would be. Also, it seems like responsible people only have the amount of children they believe they can support, but the ones who expect someone else to help out have one after the other." -- Hancock

"I'm a delivery driver. I would like to see the county or whoever it is come out and fix the light on Jefferson Boulevard at the intersection of Eastern Boulevard. You get like two seconds to get through if you're turning, and it's like ... there can be 10 cars and you still have only two seconds to get through there before the arrow disappears." -- Hagerstown

"I have a question I would like to have answered. If this health care law is passed, will it change my VA care? Will I be in the same care as the government program? Will I get the same insurance and care that is available to government, Senate, and other government employees? -- Hagerstown


"I was just wondering if there's a law against panhandling in the city. If not, there should be." -- Hagerstown

"It's time that we take things on face value, take things for what they really are. Don't dance around trying to evaluate or define or make out something that someone says for something that it isn't. Obama paused for several seconds before he made his comments about the Cambridge police department. He meant what he said, and he said what he meant. It was quite obvious." -- Washington County

"Based on the figures that were published in the paper recently, Sideling Hill center could ... remain open, simply by charging an admission fee of $1.25 per person." -- Hagerstown

"People are now against Obama because of his remarks about the police. I feel police often overstep their authority, and feel they are immune from the laws the rest of us follow, such as speeding on highways when commuting between Hagerstown and Frederick, and their lights and sirens are not on, so they really are not in an emergency situation." -- Hagerstown

"Absolutely, the president, congressmen and senators do not have the same health care system that we do, the American public, and they are well taken care of, and they are not concerned with Medicare because they have a wonderful pension that they get 90 percent of their pay. So when your congressmen and senators come off of vacation, please contact them." -- Halfway

"To the caller who gets his news from Fox News: You're kidding, right?" -- Chambersburg, Pa.

"You think it's ironic that people who complain about government-run health insurance are on Medicare? We pay for Medicare, plus we have to pay for another insurance because Medicare only pays 80 percent of select procedures. As for Social Security, we worked and paid into it, so it is owed us." -- Hagerstown

"All this hoopla about Sideling Hill, hey, county commissioners and the state should not be paying for it. It's a times that we gotta break bread and say hey, you want it, pay for it. Start charging admission to it. I don't care, any kids under 12 free, everybody else, one or two bucks to cover the costs and upkeep of it. It's no free ride in this society anymore." -- Leitersburg

"Seniors, it don't matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican, I believe if this health care gets passed that Obama wants passed, we will be denied the health care that we need, if they, the government does not think that we -- that our lives are not worth the cost. Didn't we hear and see AARP ... not defending us?" -- Boonsboro

"No one has ever answered my comment on who pays for the fuel for these buses running around all over Washington County here, with one person on board. I just wonder who's paying for that fuel, and what they're really representing." -- Sharpsburg

"Concerning the comment from the North End caller opposing the bike and hiking trail. ... I feel that's a good idea for them to put up a biking and hiking trail, and I mean, we need more roads today for bicycle riders. I mean, but anyway, I thought that was a good idea." -- Greencastle, Pa.

"This is to the Hagerstown caller in the Thursday, July 30, paper, regarding the feral cats. No matter if you feed your cats or those cats or not, they're still going to be around. They're gonna' eat field mice or something, and still multiply. So something else has to be done. Don't accuse your neighbor of feeding those poor cats." -- Clear Spring

"God bless the people that feed the stray cats. The cats have to eat, too. God bless anyone that helps someone or something else." -- Hagerstown

"Of all the versions of health care running around the Capitol today, they all really have only one thing in common -- Congress and the president don't participate." -- Smithsburg

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