Letters to the Editor

July 31, 2009

Living in a world of double standards

To the editor:

Is it just me or do others think we are living in a world of double standards with the very blatant examples of character assassination that we have witnessed in recent months? The most recent remarks made by David Letterman about Sarah Palin and her family are a prime example. I'm wondering where is the outcry of the National Organization for Women (NOW) or do they only stand up for women who are nonconservative, nonintelligent, who do not believe in the Bible or strong family values.

Point No. 1: He called her a slutty stewardess type. Tell that to the families of the brave stewardesses who went down with Flight 93. They no doubt saved the lives of thousands (possibly many of the left wing liberals who uphold some of this stuff) since they were thought to be headed for the White House or the capital.


Point No. 2: He used a very vulgar statement in reference to her 14-year-old daughter. He made a lame attempt to cover his ignorance by saying he thought she had her 18-year-old with her. What does it matter what age she would have been, especially since having a child out of wedlock seems to be heralded by the press when it is some Hollywood celebrity.

Then we hear the airhead remarks made by some members of "The View" and other TV commentators who said Sarah asked for this by parading her family before the public when she was campaigning. Tell me what recent candidate hasn't introduced their children and grandchildren, including Nancy Pelosi, who wanted to look like grandmother of the year. Would these people have been happier if Bristol Palin had an abortion or been hidden, so it could have been brought up later to make Sarah look deceitful?

Point No. 3: Where is the A.C.L.U. in all of this? But wait a minute, it was just a sick joke made for political or monetary gain.

Point No. 4: Then there is the case of

Carrie Prejean, who gave a very polite response to a question that in her opinion she believed marriage was between a man and a woman, and was called a stupid (expletive) by one of the judges. Where was NOW in that situation? Silent.

Jesus said he who is without sin let him cast the first stone. We have all made mistakes but I believe these character assassinations are not only politically motivated but another attempt to defame Christians. As Christians we have to stand up for what we believe. I believe Sarah Palin is a bold refreshing real person who loves her God and her country more than herself and I believe she has some politicians (who have forgotten the principles this country was founded on) a little scared.

Ecile Shaw

Closing the Sideling Hill center a mistake

To the editor:

Close the Sideling Hill Exhibit Center? What is wrong with the thinking of our state officials and politicians? On the same day The Herald-Mail carried the announcement, the lead story in the Washington Post was "A $4 Billion Push for Better Schools."

Sideling Hill is an outstanding introduction to earth science and cannot fail to introduce wonder and appreciation to all who see it. The discussion should be how to ensure that all age-appropriate students have an opportunity to visit -- not how to save pennies by closing the exhibit.

If we truly want to join the race to the top in education, and such a race is occurring among nations with or without our participation, we must recognize that experiencing the world of science and industry through field trips is essential to spark the interests of our younger citizens.

Donald L. Weigel Sr.

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