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Mail Call

July 30, 2009

"Kudos to the editorial cartoon Thursday, 7/23. This says a lot, pertaining to our own American culture. Another example is Jay Leno's bit piece called 'Jay-walking.' There is so much more to our educational system than teaching to a test. A country's government is determined by its history and its culture. Where, indeed, are we going?" - Williamsport

"I am calling concerning AARP and this health insurance plan by the government. I just spent two hours, almost, on the phone, put on hold, and when the time came for them to talk to me, they never - they hung up. So evidently, we know where they stand, to defend us senior citizens concerning what they will do for us for this health insurance plan." - Rohrersville

"In response to the Hancock caller, it wasn't that Mr. Gates had an attitude. He had proved what he was asked to prove, and at that point the cop should have just left and said OK, thank you, and walked out. He shouldn't have escalated by harassing the person when he was already given an ID and proven what he needed to prove, and that was the fact that he did live there and it was his own home." - Morgan County, W.Va.


"I'm against abortion, too. I don't believe in abortion; however, I still do not believe in showing the graphic pictures that they were showing on Washington Street. The pictures are graphic, distasteful and just plain-out gross. I believe we can do a demonstration without showing the pictures." - Hagerstown

"If Walter Cronkite were on the air now, lots of us would have to pay to see him, for we've lost our only CBS and ABC affiliates, which we have had free access to since the earliest days of TV. Those of us who are frugal, elderly or poor are bearing the unintended consequences of the digital conversion, and in Walter's words, 'That's the way it is.'" - Hedgesville, W.Va.

"Come on, Maryland, you're pretty sleazy. The man that was selling the fresh vegetables for years on Williamsport Pike by the nursing home, State of Maryland made him move, and now West Virginia is there. Come on, can you explain it to me? He's in a much better place and a safer location." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I always find it so pathetic when the abortion protesters talk about adoption. How many of those have adopted a child, maybe 1 percent?" - Brightwood Acres

"Concerning an article in today's paper concerning Exit 3 expansion ... more funds to make Exit 3 better and so forth. I feel that they need to do something about the traffic congestion in the borough of Greencastle to start with." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Watching the City Council, and they're having a debate about the trail, 200, 300 thousand dollars to do a trail. Why don't they take that 200, 300 thousand dollars and put it in the bank for sidewalks? That makes a lot of sense." - Hagerstown

"You know, I'm a Morning Herald reader, in the morning when I drink my coffee at McDonald's, and I could not believe when I opened up the Opinion page, here was a big article from David Limbaugh. You know, I think one Limbaugh is enough, to hear his spiel, and we don't need his brother in the column every morning, and I'm hoping that it might be the first and last time I hear of him or see him in the paper ... because you know what you're gonna read about it when you read a David Limbaugh column." - Hagerstown

"It is time for West Virginia to wake up. These people who are DUI and speeding from police, these dope pushers should be sent to a hard labor camp, 10 hours a day, six days a week. Use the old military Quonset huts. They won't need gyms and such. The hard labor will do the job." - Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

"Rep. John Conyers said, why read the health-care bill? It would take two days and two lawyers to read it. If the health-care bill is that complicated, how are they ever going to enforce it? I urge all citizens to call Congress. The number is 202-224-3121." - Sharpsburg

"Oh boy, now we get to buy a dog license, and if somebody's dog is running loose and gets hit, taxpayers have to pay $200 worth of veterinary care, just because the dog has a license. Don't we pay enough in taxes? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Give us a break on our taxes. That's stupid." - Funkstown

"Insurance companies decide how long a patient can stay in the hospital, and what kind of treatment they will pay for. Model the public plan after Medicare, and it will work." - Hagerstown

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