Mail Call

July 28, 2009

"Is Obama and Congress and the Senate gonna be excluded from this health- care plan that they're concocting?" - Hagerstown

"I am so tired of all this racial stuff. There are millions and millions and millions of white people and black people who get along just great, and then you take the few discontent that want to call everything racial all the time, and they get all the glory and all the news. But nobody says anything about the millions of black and white people that get along good. And I must tell you, I am of both races." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"You know, I cannot believe this case up in Boston, this cop and this here Professor Gates. The man tried to get in his home because he forgot his key, and got in there and this cop come in there, you know, and they got in a big spat about whatever he told him, that he lived there, showed his identification. But yet the cop got mad at him because he said something back to him, instead of just saying OK, thank you, and walk out." - Hagerstown


"I guess the mayor has his priorities, and has the city police force busting all these drug dealers and the gang members and the real important crimes because as I travel through Hagerstown - and it doesn't matter what part - I see traffic violations everywhere, continually. Illegally parked vehicles, speeding, people going the wrong way on two-way streets - it's amazing. There's so much - and I call traffic violations small crimes - but my golly, we'd have a great budget if the police would get there and ticket these people, especially these parked vehicles that are violating the law." - Hagerstown

"This incident with the African-American professor and the white police officer has gotten way out of hand, especially with overexposure. That's mainly because the president stuck his nose into it and got involved. His involvement was totally uncalled for. He has bigger problems than this." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to say I like the billboard coming up from Burhans Boulevard, from along heading toward the North End, before you get to the Giant Eagle shopping center. On the left there's a yellow, smiling billboard that says 'Smile, pass it on.' It really gives you inspiration, and smiling does do a lot for you and for other people and it brightens up someone's day, especially your own. But that's nice to see that." - Hagerstown

"I don't see how this government program of cash for clunkers helps very many people. You must trade in a car that gets less than 18 mpg. It's just a gimmick to get SUVs off the road, but the politicians will still drive their SUVs." - Boonsboro

"A letter to the editor in Thursday's paper about no Social Security raise got me into action. I wrote my senators and representative at once. It is an insult, them saying expenses had not increased enough for a raise. Do they take us for fools? They need to get out in the 'real world.' Seniors, please take half an hour and write each of them, telling them we do indeed need a raise." - Williamsport

"I've read in Mail Call where some people think that closing the streets in downtown Hagerstown is a stupid idea; 'How would you do this and how would you do that?' I beg to differ with the negative comments. I have lived and traveled in cities where pedestrian traffic (only) was allowed in certain sections of the city. I don't visit downtown Hagerstown mainly due to the vehicle traffic. If the idea doesn't go in a positive direction, the streets still exist. New/viable ideas for the downtown area is imperative for growth. You can't sit on your hands and long for the good-ol' days." - Cavetown

"This is about the water main break on Virginia Avenue earlier this week. It took them forever to fix that. ... The cones on the road messed everyone up. I'm sure businesses that were affected by the break were surely affected." - Hagerstown

"I am really fed up with road crews shutting down a street for repair, but not directing the traffic around to get back to where they were going. I am not very familiar with downtown Hagerstown, and this has happened to me about three times in the last month or so. The crews will have a 'road closed' sign or a stop sign and point you away from the street, and that's about it. This is especially difficult at night. Would it be that difficult to put up a couple of detour signs to help people back to their destination?" - Hagerstown

"To the uninsured reader from Falling Waters: I would be interested to know why you don't have health insurance, and why you think I should buy it for you?" - Hedgesville, W.Va.

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