Mail Call

July 28, 2009

"Just wanted to tell whoever blacktopped the National Pike up here above Hancock they did a good job, but it'd sure have been nice if they had come on up past Woodmont Road and did the rest of the National Pike up here where us other people live. I mean, we deserve a good road, too. It'd be nice. I don't know if the state did it or county, but it would have been nice to finish it. We sure need it." - Hancock

"It's not about politics, religion, race or your neighborhood. I am really troubled how many of us think it's OK to be lied to, especially women." - Hagerstown

"Well, looks like Obama stuck his foot in his mouth again, saying something wrong about the police arresting that (professor.) He's got to start thinking about what he says because a lot of people are getting mad at him. So everybody should know what he said to the police officers." - Berkeley Springs, W.Va.


"To the person calling in about something free to do for the kids: If they enjoy football, Ravens training camp starts I believe Aug. 1, and that's free every day. And then they have a bunch of activities for kids." - Hagerstown

"Yes, I did receive some calls, at least two, that were pretty filthy. So anyway, I've contacted the telephone company. That's the best thing to do. Let them take care of it." - Hagerstown

"Obama a socialist - that's a joke. I just wish that he was the liberal that the majority voted for. We need health-care reform, stricter gun laws - and allow gays to marry and be miserable like the rest of us. Cut the military budget in half and end the wars. Open the debate for legalization of marijuana. Remember, 'Just say no?' That was another great Republican bumper sticker slogan that Ronald Reagan created. How brilliant was that?" - Chambersburg, Pa.

"I'm calling concerning President Bush that was our president for eight years. Everybody keeps cutting him up, but I think they should pick on some of those senators. We have plenty of those that were his boss and nobody says anything about them. Those old fogies need to be thrown out of the office. It's a shame that they got this country in the condition it is, but it wasn't just Bush. It was those other ones." - Hagerstown

"To all the homeowner associations located in Hagerstown, Md., for the buyer and also the Realtor: Beware - a lot of these home association dues are past due, so before you sell a house in Hagerstown as a homeowner association, before you buy one, double-check and make sure the dues are paid, or you could be on the hook for that." - Hagerstown

"President Obama needs to realize he's not a community organizer anymore. He's got a real job and he can't take sides with some of his old friends against the police force, especially when he does not know all the circumstances surrounding the incident." - Boonsboro

"Someone called and asked what they could do with their kids for free. How about renting the movie 'Gettysburg' at the library, and then taking them up to explore the battlefield? A walk on the Appalachian Trail is also free. A day spent looking at family photos and then researching your genealogy, either at home or the library, is also free. There are plenty of free choices. You just have to make the decision to use them." - Hagerstown

"The Washington County Arts Council, the Washington County Office of Tourism and the City of Hagerstown deserve a real big thanks for the great (Music) by the Lake bluegrass series that's occurring at Hagerstown's City Park. Keep up the good work and let's have a similar series each year." - Hagerstown

"We went to the Sideling Hill rest stop this past weekend, and it was very nice, it was very clean and it was crazy busy. I don't know how they can close it down." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank County Roads for patching my driveway on Dellinger Road." - Hagerstown

"I think it's a shame that the police don't do something about teenagers running through senior citizens' complexes. And also, I think the city should also get after these people who have bad sidewalks. It's ridiculous. I mean, these kids get away with stuff that they shouldn't get away with, and seniors fall and everything." - Williamsport

"I'm calling in reference to the TEA parties which have been going on. The truth is that the CEOs of all the insurance companies in this country are trying to brainwash people to think their taxes are going to go up if the country gets health care. The insurance companies are afraid they will have to lose all the billions of dollars that they have been making from the premiums of the people for so many years." - Hagerstown

"Being a citizen of Washington County, I would like to give our president of the U.S. a little advice: From now on, please engage your brain before you engage your mouth." - Hancock

"Mr. Obama wants to shove this health-care insurance down our throats, but we were wondering where the half a million new competent doctors are gonna be found that can treat us." - Hagerstown

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