Mail Call

July 27, 2009

"I agree with Pondsville about retiring 'til 65 ... then goin' to work. My kids both look like that's what they intend to do, 'cept they call it 'hangin' out.' Same thing." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm calling in response to the caller who called from Falling Waters, W.Va., about Obama having his own TV show. Yeah, it was called George's last eight years. He should go back to being president, you're right, but he has to clean up the economy that Georgie Boy put in such great shape for him. The housing market is down again, and never recovered because of Georgie, again, and the war in Afghanistan, which Georgie started, is still going on ... so hopefully one day Obama will be able to go on and be our president, but he has to clean up Georgie's mistakes first." - Hagerstown

"I hope everybody read the Mail Call on the 22nd about the man from Clear Spring, or woman, about the home taxes being so high, assessments high, flush tax and all, and about sticking together. He's right, or they're right. What we should do is everybody pay six months of your taxes at the end of the six months in December, and then pay them next year. That way the city, county and state will have to live within their means and use their reserves." " - Leitersburg


"People complaining about the flag at the Bolivar playground, and the veterans not putting up the flag - the Harpers Ferry Bolivar district veterans put that flagpole up with a new flag. It is not the veterans' responsibility now. It is up to the town to take care of the flagpole and the flags." - Charles Town, W.Va.

"Will the person or persons who came on my property in the 700 block of Summit Avenue and took a gray pedestal with a burgundy gazing ball attached to it please bring it back? And if you broke the ball, bring the pedestal back. ... You need to keep your fingers off of things that do not belong to you." - Hagerstown.

"I see where Williamsport is complaining about sidewalks. I have a friend that lives in Smithsburg that has a sidewalk that goes to nowhere. It quits in the middle of her yard, and it's like 4 feet away from the road and nobody ever hardly walks that road, and if they do, they're not gonna leave the road to walk on this sidewalk that goes to nowhere, that quits in the middle of her yard. It's ridiculous. Give them her sidewalk." - Hagerstown

"To the person from Funkstown that seems to have nothing better to do than to bother the fine people of the Washington County Humane Society as well as Funkstown residents: Would you please mind your own business? It is obvious that after your many calls to the WCHS and the many visits to my home by the WCHS, that there is nothing wrong with how I am taking care of my dog. Each time that the WCHS comes out to my home, they see that my dog has adequate food, shelter, water, cover and space, as well as its updated shots. The fine folks at the WCHS are already short-staffed and they receive many calls across the entire county. Each time that you call them and have them come out to my home, it is not only a big waste of their time, but you're wasting time that they could be using to investigate people who actually abuse and mistreat their animals." - Funkstown.

"Thank you, everyone who voted for Obama. We now have the biggest bawl baby in office that we've ever had since I've been living. I can only imagine - it's only not even been a year - I can only imagine what it'll be like with the next three and a half years with him." - Hagerstown.

"Once again, the media caves in to the snake oil salesman from Chicago, as he tries to ram his health-care plan down our throats. Welcome to Socialism 101. Wake up, America." - Maugansville.

"I'd like to add that the right lane on Robinwood isn't a passing lane. This is for the person from Williamsport. When you use it for a passing lane and pull in front of people, you cause the people you pull in front of to have to slam on the brakes. You're gonna cause an accident, so stop it." - Hagerstown

"I agree with the callers about our downtown and all the alcohol being served. I would like to know when the City Council is going to concentrate on homeowners and empty buildings, rather than the arts and entertainment block all the time." - Hagerstown

"I'm concerned about the remedial classes that have to be taken by our honor roll students when they go to college, in light of the past two days, when you've had this big thing on the front of the paper about how well our students are doing, and then on page A7 of Wednesday, there's a talk by one of the state BOE people telling us that the exams that are also taken where the students have little motivation to perform their best on these tests because the results are not shared with the parents or teachers." - Clear Spring area.

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