Mail Call

July 23, 2009

"I'm calling in reply to the Smithsburg area caller who complained about the trail at Veterans Park. One, the trail is one mile long, and two, the equipment installed along the five points in the trail is not playground equipment, but exercise stations, designed to help achieve the fitness and well-being of the many users who walk, jog or bike the trail." - Smithsburg

"This is concerning the Mail Call from Sharpsburg. My parents recently had to start paying for their Medicare and now they are taking three months of their Medicare out and there is no way that they can live off of $500 for the next two months. So some people need to check into this, as to why these elderly people are having to pay three and four months of Medicare." - Williamsport

"I don't believe that this space program should even exist. The money that they're wasting and spending, the millions and billions of dollars, could go to Social Security - for the cost of living adjustment raise people deserve and need. The benefits are going down and the cost keeps going up and we're getting less benefits ... and I don't think it's right that they spend all these millions of dollars to go up into space." - Frederick, Md.


"You people with your TEA Parties and your position against health-care reform, don't you realize you're being manipulated by millionaires across the country who have never paid their fair share of taxes and sure don't want to start now?" - Williamsport

"I'm calling in reference to all of the Obama bashing. It's a shame. The same people that's doing all this bashing, they're the ones that put George Bush in there for eight years and look at the situation they're in. They want somebody else to take the fall for it. Wake up, America." - Hagerstown

"A history lesson for the party that called in Sunday's Mail Call about the 40-mile speed limit increase at Robinwood. Robinwood Drive was a dead-end road for that entire development of Robinwood, for the safety of animals, for children, for pedestrians - and speed limit of 40 miles an hour is totally uncalled for. It was 25 then, now and always will be." - Hagerstown

"I think we all need to get behind Police Chief Arthur Smith and make sure we do not have bottle clubs in our city. And also ... we should agree with ... liquor board chairperson, because this can be very dangerous, especially when you have underage people trying to bring (alcohol)." - Hagerstown

"Someone from Boonsboro said they wrote a nice letter to Sarah Palin, saying they were sorry for how she was treated by the media and the Democratic Party. I hope the same individual sent a letter to Sonia Sotomayor and Hillary Clinton, apologizing for their bad treatment by the media and the Republican Party." - Hagerstown

"Does anyone know what kind of funding the Humane Society of Washington County receives? We have an awful lot of fundraisers for them, yet I really don't see the benefit, that they actually do something with the money they receive free from these benefits. Don't they receive money from the county and the state?"" - Hagerstown

"I am totally convinced that downtown, City Council and their members have this thing about alcohol. It seems like we cannot have anything in Hagerstown downtown without having alcohol. And here they're having alcohol now - a proposal of carrying it into establishments. Excuse me, I can't believe this." - Hagerstown

"I'm very concerned about some of the sidewalks in Williamsport, especially those where they have the public square things or whatever, the activities. Some of the sidewalks are terrible to walk on, they're chipped, they're broke. I think someone should fix, make somebody fix them, because it's dangerous to the public." - Williamsport

"I am calling in reference to the person in Halfway area that said that they don't understand why they're paving the roads back in Woodmoor. Maybe you don't need your roads paved, but mine has big ruts that I have to drive through every day. I have lived back there 35 years, and they have never paved my street. So maybe you don't need yours, but yes, we do need ours." - Halfway

"Mr. Obama, just what country do you think you are president of? Right now, you have put our finances below, way below any acceptable debts for Americans - and we are Americans, and we're tired of being sold out by our so-called honest senators and representatives. You and your health bill, plus other bills ... we don't like it, so quit and go back to wherever." - Hagerstown

"What's more important to you, our health care or a war in a foreign country? Think about that. Peace, not war." - Hagerstown

"I was just reading the paper on Monday. There are 35 home foreclosures, and two and a half columns of jobs in the paper. Seems like something is wrong with the Obama government, doesn't it? I'm weeping, I'm weeping." - Hagerstown

"I wonder how much the phone bill was when Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon in 1969 and spoke to our President Nixon." - Greencastle, Pa.

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