Ag Expo goat, sheep show winners

July 23, 2009

4-H Dairy Goat Show

Alpine Show

Senior Champion -Tracey Forsythe

Senior Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Junior Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Junior Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Nubian Show

Senior Champion - Zachary Faith

Senior Reserve Champion - Zachary Faith

Junior Champion - Daulton Beckley

Junior Reserve Champion - Zachary Faith


Saanen Show

Senior Champion - Sarah Reid

Senior Reserve Champion - Sarah Reid

Toggenberg Show

Senior Champion - Rose Froelich

Junior Champion - Rose Froelich

Junior Reserve Champion - Caleb Froelich

Best Senior Doe - Sarah Reid

Fitting and Showing

Junior - Caleb Froelich

Intermediate - Lindsey Beckley

Senior - Tracey Forsythe

Overall Champion - Tracey Forsythe

4-H Meat Goat Show 2009

Champion Showmanship - Karlie Hose

Dairy Meat Goat Champion - Ethan Britt

Dairy Meat Goat Reserve Champion -Tim Frey

Meat Goat Champion -Logan Unger

Meat Goat Reserve Champion - Valerie Mason

Overall Meat Champion - Logan Unger

Reserve Overall Meat Champion - Valerie Mason

Commercial Breeding Does Champion - Tim Frey

Registered Boer & Kiko Champion - Karlie Hose

Registered Boer & Kiko Reserve Champion - Karlie Hose

Registered Percentage Does Champion - Leanna Young

Registered Percentage Does Reserve Champion - Leanna Young

Open Class Meat Goat Show

Junior Doe Champion - Frank Burner

Junior Reserve Doe Champion - Tara Burner

Senior Doe Champion - Tara Burner

Senior Reserve Doe Champion - Frank Burner

Junior Buck Champion - Richard Hovermale

Junior Percentage Doe Champion - Tara Burner

Junior Percentage Doe Reserve Champion - Tara Burner

Senior Percentage Doe Champion - Frank Burner

Senior Percentage Doe Reserve Champion - Richard Hovermale

Overall Percentage Champion - Frank Burner

Overall Percentage Reserve Champion - Tara Burner

Junior Commercial Meat Champion - Tim Frey

Senior Commercial Meat Champion - Katherine McCormick

Commercial Meat Buck Champion - Katherine McCormick

Commercial Meat Buck Reserve Champion - Richard Hovermale

4-H Market Lamb Show

Grand Champion Market Lamb - Karlie Hose

Reserve Grand Champion Lamb - Erin Canfield

Junior Shepherd - Tyler Poffenberger

Senior Shepherd - Erin Canfield

Champion Shepherd - Erin Canfield

Reserve Champion Shepherd - Tyler Poffenberger

Champion Pair - Kandis Stoy

Reserve Champion Pair - Kelsie Yetter

4-H Breeding Sheep Show


Champion Ewe - Erin Canfield


Champion Ewe - Carol DeBaugh

Champion Ram - Erin Canfield


Champion Ewe - Kaitlyn Corbett

Champion Ram - Erin Corbett

Natural Color

Champion Ewe -Erin Corbett

Commercial Cross Bred Breeding Class

Champion Ram - Timothy Frey

Champion Ewe - Katie Frey

Supreme Ewe - Katie Frey

Supreme Ram - Erin Canfield

Open Class Breeding Sheep Show 2009


Champion Ram - Lindsay Chatkewitz


Champion Ewe - Bailey Roe


Champion Ram - Danielle Moore

Champion Ewe - Danielle Moore


Champion Ram - Erin Canfield

Champion Ewe - Danielle Moore


Champion Ram - Kelly Vorac

Champion Ewe - Debbie Frey

Natural Colored

Champion Ewe - Erin Canfield

Champion Ram - Dawn Richardson

Commercial Cross Bred Breeding Class

Champion Ram - Jesse Rohrer

Champion Ewe - Joe Frey

All Pure-Breeds

Champion Ram - Ashley Stevens

Champion Ewe - Ashley Stevens

Supreme Ram - Jesse Rohrer

Supreme Ewe - Ashley Stevens

4-H Sheep Showmanship

Junior Champion - Ashley Wiles

Intermediate Champion - McCall Griffith

Senior Champion - Kaitlyn Corbett

Grand Champion Showman - Kaitlyn Corbett

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