Mail Call

July 22, 2009

"Recently, my friend, who has been laid off from work, took his dog of 19 years to the local vet ... to be euthanized, because it was suffering with convulsions. The cost for this procedure was $120, which he could not afford. ... He ... humanely destroyed it by himself. What ever happened to tenets like 'Love they neighbor' and compassion for others less fortunate? The almighty dollar has replaced them." - Smithsburg

"Our leaders are ripping us off. They are walking all over us. If 30 to 40 thousand people would stick together and don't send in your land taxes, what do you think our leaders would do? We are being ripped off. Our homes are not worth the high tax they put on them, just like the flush tax. That's a rip-off. We cannot afford the commissioners' lifestyles." - Clear Spring

"I live on 550 going down towards Sabillasville, and I want to say somebody took my fireplace off my porch, and to whoever got it, I'd appreciate it if you bring it back, or if anybody has bought it, please let me know, because I need to get this thing straightened out, and remember, I have a sign in my driveway, 'No trespassing,' so you better watch what you're doing." - Washington County


"This is on assessment taxes. I don't know why ... Sen. Don Munson ... don't get on the city and county about the assessment taxes they just raised on everybody. ... I think it's time for the state to call on some people and see what's going here in the Washington County part and the city council." - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller that lives on Stone Valley Drive in Woodmoor. You need to get an eye examination because Stone Valley Drive is in desperate need of repair. The county government is making us proud." - Halfway

"To the gentleman that is in charge of TEA Parties in Hagerstown: Let's have a TEA Party for senior citizens not getting an increase in Social Security. We need to have it. (It) was well-published, so we would get a lot of people. We could charge $2.50 to $5, and pack our lunches. We could tie up D.C. like the truckers did about seven to eight years ago." - Hagerstown

"About the TEA Party in Martinsburg. ... You are well-intentioned, but have been tricked into protesting by rich people who are being asked to pay more. It is time they give back some of what Bush gave them. Without reform, premiums will escalate so high that you will be shocked what your employer will expect you to pay, and copays will go way up. They may drop it all together. Please give health-care reform a chance. Let's organize a PEA party - Please, Enough Already - with the TEA party." - Hagerstown

"I was just wondering, when you go in to a doctor's office or a dentist's office and you say you have Medicare, they say 'Medicare only? You have no other insurance?' But if the person behind you has the free medical card that's given by the Social Services or whoever it's given by, there's no more questions asked and they're moved right on through the line." - Dargan

"You know, I get tired of hearing these right-wing talk show hosts telling people that they can get medical care even if they don't have insurance. ... If you're on a fixed income, you have to own your home, and you don't have insurance and you got a big medical bill, I'll guarantee you, because they'll come and sell you out to pay your bills. The only way you get free health care is if you don't have a dime to live on." - Hagerstown

"Just returned from a concert by the jewel of Hagerstown, the municipal band. Fantastic evening." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"What is the matter with these people who believe everything Obama says? To the person in Halfway that said 'Why all the fuss about Obama's health care?': How about listening to Fox News on TV, and hearing people from Canada telling us about their health care that Obama wants us to have. They have to come to America to get help from our doctors. Some of them died, waiting for help and care." - Clear Spring

"No taxation without totally clueless representation." - Maugansville

"I see no good reason to close the first block of South Potomac Street on weekends to accommodate the arts and entertainment district. Further, I believe this action is what politicians call a first good step, and will lead to the permanent closing of this street to the motor traffic." - Hagerstown

"This is in regards to the parade that they had Saturday for Pride Days. The parade was wonderful this year. They even had more attractions in it, but where were the high school bands? Smithsburg should have had one of their bands in." - Smithsburg

"I live in Brightwood Acres, Hagerstown, Md. The past four to five months, every time someone works on lines on Mount Aetna Road, my telephones won't work for seven to 10 days. ... A 10-day turnaround for repair is unacceptable. How many others in the area have the same problem?" - Hagerstown

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