Ag Expo 'not just a farmer in big overalls'

July 22, 2009|By ASHLEY REID

Karen Holloway, Darlington, Md.

Judge for beef cattle show

Karen Holloway has seen some of the best cattle in the state of Maryland, but this year was her first as a judge for the beef cattle show at the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.

Holloway said judges look for well-structured and healthy cattle.

"The females have to look feminine and pretty like a female, and the males have to look masculine," she said Wednesday.

Holloway said the hope is the traits they are looking for will be passed on to the cattle's young.

She said she enjoys judging shows because she gets to witness the hard work of the youth.

"It takes a lot of work and effort to get their cattle to do things like be quiet" Holloway said.

She visited the Ag Expo a couple of years ago and said she was happy to see it has grown.


"This is a good facility for the livestock and families to manage them," Holloway said of the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.

"Winning is nice, but it's not everything,"she said.

Morgan Angle, 12


4-H member Morgan Angle helped with horseshoe painting at the Ag Ventures tent Wednesday at the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.

Morgan, who has been a member since she was 8, said this activity is one in which 4-H participates each year.

Morgan said it is fun for the kids and it presents an opportunity for the members to talk with them.

"My horseshoe will be the best," said Morgan, who said she paints her own horseshoe every year.

She said the expo is pretty good this year and she enjoys seeing the contestants show their animals.

"It's cool to see them interact with the animals," Morgan said.

Katie Long,

Washington County Farm Bureau

Young Farmers chairperson

The sounds of laughter from children filled the activities area at the Ag Ventures learning center as Katie Long and 4-H members set up an arts and crafts station Wednesday at the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.

"I hear a lot of people saying the kids like being able to interact, be hands-on and just enjoy the exhibit overall," Long said.

This is the first year Young Farmers have hosted the exhibit. Long said her mother, Betsy Herbst, was in charge of the exhibit in previous years.

"I guess she sort of passed down the reins," Long said.

She said the weather has been nice this year, and the addition of a new exhibit every year keeps youngsters coming back.

"It's been really good. I've seen a lot of kids come in and out," Long said.

The opportunity to educate the public about agriculture is Long's favorite aspect of the expo. She said agriculture consists of a variety of things.

"It's not just a farmer in big overalls," Long said.

Dani Young, 16

Greencastle, Pa.

Dani Young is selling two pigs and showcasing her dairy this year at the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair.

She said things are going well so far, and a lot of people came out for the swine show.

"It's always a good one," said Dani, a 4-H member for eight years.

Dani won five ribbons, including Grand Champion Line Back.

"I was excited," she said of her awards.

She said her favorite event is the tractor pulls.

"I just hang out with my friends down there," Dani said.

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