4-H/FFA Home Arts winners

July 21, 2009

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Arts, crafts and hobbies

Junior Champions (ages 8-10)

Paintings -- Skyla Heise

Drawings -- Caleb Froelich

Ceramics -- Elizabeth Rohr

Craft Kits -- Dylan Krull

Woodworking -- Dan Selders

Wall Hanging -- Elizabeth Rohr

Metal Craft -- Gene Wiles

Recyclable Craft -- Jacob Miller (Grand Champion)


Tie-Dye Article -- Elizabeth Rohr

Holiday Crafts -- Elizabeth Rohr

String Art -- Tyler Poffenberger

Nature Craft -- Elizabeth Rohr

Fabric Painting -- Elizabeth Rohr

Stenciling -- Ocoee Chapelle

Stamp Art -- Chloe Bellerive

Self-determined Crafts -- none

Collections -- Elizabeth Rohr

Hobby -- Elizabeth Rohr

Scrapbook -- Jacob Miller

Jewelry Making -- Sarah Shirk

Intermediate Champions (ages 11-13)

Paintings -- Janai Heise

Drawings -- Valerie Mason

Handmade Flowers -- Janai Heise

Ceramics -- Catie Sprankle

Craft Kits -- Catie Sprankle

Paper Craft -- Sonya Goebel

Woodworking -- Nicholas Ward

Decoupage -- Logan Unger

Wall Hanging -- Hannah Brown

Metal Craft -- Logan Unger

Recyclable Craft -- Logan Unger

Candle Making -- Logan Unger

Tie-Dye Article -- Logan Unger

Holiday Crafts -- Catie Sprankle

String Art -- Sonya Goebel

Nature Craft -- Catie Sprankle

Fabric Painting -- Logan Unger

Stenciling -- Logan Unger

Stamp Art -- Catie Sprankle

Collections -- Hannah Brown

Hobby -- Catie Sprankle

Scrapbook -- Rachel Shafer

Jewelry Making -- Rebekah Morales

Senior Champions (ages 14-18)

Paintings -- Carly Bird (Grand Champion)

Drawings -- Zoe Chapelle

Arraignment Handmade Flowers -- Zoe Chapelle

Ceremics -- Nicholas Ward

Craft Kits -- Julia Eckstine

Paper Craft -- Zoe Chapelle

Woodworking -- Zoe Chapelle

Wall Hanging -- Crystal Welling

Recyclable Craft -- Leanna Young

Tie-Dye Article -- Sarah Morales

Holiday Craft -- Abigail Roberts

String Art -- Nicholas Ward

Fabric Painting -- Hannah House

Self-determined Crafts -- Kaitlyn Corbett

Hobby -- Zoe Chapelle

Scrapbook -- Julia Eckstine

Collections -- Nicholas House

Alpaca Champions

Huacaya Cria Fleece -- Abigail Roberts (Grand Champion)

Huacaya Fleece 1 1/2 and older -- Kathleen Michaels

Other related craft -- Abigail Roberts

Other related project -- Abigail Roberts

Small Pets

Champion -- Chloe Bellerive (Grand Champion)


Indoor Gardening Champions

House Plant -- Roarke McElravy

Arrangement, Fresh Flowers -- Tatian Smith

Container Garden -- Seth Marvil (Grand Champion)

Terrarium, Cactus -- Aidan McElravy

Garden and Field Champions

Beans, Snap Green -- Tyler Mossburg

Tomatoes, Cherry -- Megan Mikulsky

Vegetable Garden Display -- Nathan Johnson

Other ag. related project -- Braxton Griffith (Grand Champion)


Plant Science -- Hannah Brown

Animal Science -- Julia Eckstine

Computer Science -- Seth Marvil (Grand Champion)

Food preparation

Cake Champions

Champion Chocolate Cake -- Rachel Shafer

Champion Pound Cake -- Kaitlyn Corbett (Grand Champion)

Champion Nut or Fruit -- Sydney Davis

Champion Red Velvet Cake -- Breanna Jones

Champion Applesauce Cake -- Erin Corbett

Champion Cupcakes -- Rebekah Shirk

Champion Cake Made with Mix -- Breanna Jones

Decorated Cake Champions

Junior Champion Decorated Cake -- Rebekah Morales

Senior Champion Decorated Cake -- Rebekah Shirk

Senior Champion Decorated Cookie -- Eric Shafer

Candy Champions

Chocolate Fudge -- Rachel Shafer

Peanut Butter Fudge -- Sydney Davis (Grand Champion)

Potato Candy -- Blake Bandeff

Nut Brittle -- Leanna Young

Cookie Champions

Bar Cookies -- Sonya Goebel

Brownies -- Blake Bandeff

Chocolate Chip Cookies -- Chloe Bellerive

Drop Cookies -- Kaitlyn Corbett

No-bake Cookies -- Joshua Pasch

Peanut Butter Cookies -- Hannah House

Pressed Cookies -- Rachel House

Rolled Cookies -- Eric Shafer (Grand Champion)

Pie Champions

Alexa Vetter (Grand Champion)

Abigail Roberts

Other Fruit -- Abigail Roberts

Fruit -- Natalie Shafer

Bread Champions

Champion Fruit Bread -- Blake Bandeff

Champion Vegetable Bread -- Logan Mossburg

Champion Muffins -- Abigail Roberts (Grand Champion)


Color Photography Junior Champions (ages 8-13)

Building -- Shane Heizer

Landscape -- Joshua Miller

People -- Catie Sprankle

Other -- Aidan McElravy (Grand Champion)

Plants or Flowers -- Sonya Goebel

Animals or Birds -- Caitlyn Wilson

Color Photography Senior Champions (ages 14-18)

Animals or Birds -- Rachel House

Building -- Nicholas Ward

Landscape -- Hannah House

Other -- Hannah House

Black and White Photography Junior Champions (ages 8-13)

Building -- Skyla Heise

Plants or Flowers -- Joshua Pasch

Black and White Photography Senior Champions (ages 14-18)

Landscape -- Amanda Ward

People -- Hannah House

Animal or Birds -- Sarah Reid

Other -- Hannah House

Plants -- Rachel House

Flowers -- Seth Marvil


Junior Champions

Apron -- Dan Selders (Grand Champion)

Skirt Elastic Waist -- (Grand Champion)

Intermediate Champions

Pillow -- Brianne Selders (Grand Champion)

Senior Champion

Pillow -- Kathleen Michaels (Grand Champion)

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