Pets strut their stuff in parade, tricks event

July 20, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

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    CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- A St. Bernard dressed as Martha Washington. A West Highland terrier mix portraying Mary Todd Lincoln. A Weimaraner outfitted as Neil Armstrong.

    History had gone to the dogs in the ChambersFest pet parade held Monday at Wilson College.

    Event organizers eliminated the "best of show," "most congenial" and "best kisser" categories this year and replaced them with "historical costume" and "pet tricks." The change had dogs prancing in period attire and hopping on their hind legs to win the judges' favor.

    "We were looking for something to make it a little bit different," said Kathy Leedy, from the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce.

    The annual pet parade serves as one of the final events for the 15-day ChambersFest. A Civil War seminar and Franklin County JEOPARDY! cap off the festival later this week.


Chloe Schur, 9, helped family members dress Odie, Buddy and Murphy. The yellow lab donned a Milton Hershey costume, while the pair of dachshunds dressed as two of Hershey's most popular products -- a milk chocolate bar and a Mr. Goodbar.

"It was going to be a farmer and two ears of corn, but it had to be historical," said Judy Hartman, Chloe's grandmother.

The dachshunds have grown accustomed to clothing, as Chloe outfits them in doll clothing and puts them in a stroller. Chloe, of Fayetteville, Pa., described her house as "wild" due to the presence of six dogs total.

Theresa Maddox, of Chambersburg, took her dogs Baby Doll and Peanut to the event. She volunteers with an animal rescue and enjoys events like the one held in the college's indoor equestrian arena.

"We always like to do anything for the dogs," she said.

Heather and Caroline Stine, of Chambersburg, worked on a costume for their dog, Rusty, for a couple hours before its debut. Rusty moved through the ring as Mr. Darcy from "Pride & Prejudice."

"I'm surprised he's not pulling at it," Caroline Stine said.

Donations were gathered at the event to benefit the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter.

First-place winners by category were:

o Biggest -- Copper, a yellow lab owned by Nate Garner of Chambersburg

o Unusual -- Chips Ahoy, an insect shown by Zoe Holland of Chambersburg

o Historical Costume -- three dogs dressed as Apollo 11 astronauts, owned by the Jacobs family and Robby Norris

o Tricks -- Sparky, who sat, kissed and shook paws under commands by Nelson Carmack of Fayetteville

o Smallest -- Two rabbits shown by Kirra and Beysia Turner of Chambersburg

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