Scenes from the 2009 Ag Expo and Fair

July 17, 2009|By ASHLEY REID

Tracey Forsythe, 18

"I just like to work with animals," said Tracey Forsythe, who will show seven cows and two goats as this year's Washington County Ag Expo & Fair.

Forsythe, along with other young people who planned to show their animals, prepared her stall Friday on a rainy first day of Ag Expo.

The cows Forsythe is showcasing range in age from 6 months to 4 years. They all are milking cows, and she said they would not be sold.


"I come out to show my animals and to have fun competing against friends," Forsythe said.

Forsythe has been a 4-H member since she was 8. This year, she said she hopes to enjoy the competition and spend time with her friends as she has done in previous years.

She was not daunted by Friday's rainy weather.

"It always seems to rain at least once or twice," said Forsythe, who noted despite the rainy weather, a lot of people usually come to the event.

Tim Frey, 17

Tim Frey spent time Friday shaving his sheep in preparation for showcasing them during Ag Expo.

Frey, who said he has been attending the event since he was 8, also will show sheep, hogs and goats.

He said his favorite is sheep because they are easy to take care of.

Frey received the Supreme Champion Youth award in 2004 for his animals.

Frey's sheep were vocal as he answered questions, sometimes drowning out his responses.

There weren't a lot of onlookers in the area Friday.

"Well, it's raining," he said.

Carly Bird, 15

Carly Bird's goat is making its first appearance at Ag Expo.

"We're excited," said Carly, who is a first-year member in the 4-H program.

Carly's dairy goat likes attention, she said, noting she chose the animal because it was the perfect size for her environment.

"Well, I chose a goat because it was the biggest animal I could get that we could keep in our backyard," Carly said with a laugh.

She said she always wanted to participate in Ag Expo, and her goat gave her the opportunity to do so.

As the rain begin to come down harder, Carly said she and her goat would be fine.

"She got scared because it started to rain, but she'll be OK," she said.

Carly said the most important things she has learned about goats are to make sure not to forget them and take care of them.

Sarah Reid, 14

"It felt good for my first year," 4-H member Sarah Reid said of winning an award for a photo she submitted for the Ag Expo photo contest.

Sarah said she has been an active 4-H member, but this was her first year participating in the photo competition. The photo was a black-and-white picture of her dog.

"Me and my mom thought it was a good idea, and so I took that photo," Sarah said.

She said the judges based their choices on a variety of factors, such as color, angle and photo subject.

If Sarah was able to change anything, she said she would have picked better photos for some of those she submitted.

"I want to keep up with my good photos and get rid of the bad," Sarah said.

Logan Unger, 11

Logan Unger, a 4-H member, submitted about 20 photos for the Ag Expo photography competition this year.

Logan, who has been a 4-H member for three years, said he felt pretty good about getting awards for his photo, which captured a moment at the re-enactment of the Battle of Funkstown.

"I wanted to take a picture of it because it was my first year going to a re-enactment," he said.

Logan said there was one improvement he would like to make to his photos.

"I want to get more of an angle on some of my pictures," he said.

Beverly Shaffer,
Heritage Academy fourth-grade teacher

"We just want the community to know more about Heritage Academy," said Beverly Shaffer, a fourth-grade teacher at the school.

Shaffer, along with a parent, sat at an information booth handing out brochures and speaking with visitors about the school.

"We've been around since 1969, and we reach out to families looking for more information on a Christian academy," Shaffer said.

Heritage Academy is between Hagerstown and Clear Spring. Shaffer said this is the first time Heritage Academy has had a booth at the event.

"One of the parents told us about it and said we should come down and give out information," Shaffer said.

With the rain picking up, Shaffer said it had been a little slow, but she wants people to know about the school and consider enrolling there. She said the booth at Ag Expo would give people a chance to get information about the school.

"Come on out and see us," Shaffer said.

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