Letters to the editor

July 17, 2009

Let's promote safety, not safety issues

To the editor:

Sunday and Monday of this past week (July 12 and 13), the Washington County Sheriff's Department has been conducting roadside drug searches on tractor-trailers. This has been occurring on the right shoulder of Interstate 81 between exits 5 and 6.

While I am in total agreement with their efforts to catch illegal drug activity, I have to disagree with the manner in which our sheriff's department does this.

During the searches, I witnessed the police officers and drug dogs often walking into the right lane of traffic, climbing up and down off the truck and trailer and landing in traffic.


This unsafe situation also caused traffic to back up for at least a couple of miles.

I have also witnessed this same scenario with Maryland Department of Transportation officers conducting safety searches on the shoulder of the interstate.

Why these police departments would place the rest of the motoring public and themselves in peril and create such an unsafe situation is beyond me.

Common sense would dictate a safe conclusion. Couldn't the sheriff's department and the Maryland Department of Transportation have the suspected driver and vehicle follow them on to the side of an exit ramp or, better yet, to a large, safe parking area to conduct these searches?

Let's promote safety, not cause safety issues.

Lynn Jones

Event will benefit Blue-Gray Towing employee

To the editor:

On behalf of Jennifer Fortney, an employee at Blue Gray Towing in Hagerstown, who recently was diagnosed with lung cancer, we are having a benefit on Friday, July 24, at the Wacohu Grange Hall at 16412 National Pike (Huyetts Crossroads) from 6 to 10 p.m.

We are asking for donated items or gift cards to be raffled off. This will raise money to cover medical expenses for the treatments Jennifer will need to undergo. Donated food for the evening will be appreciated as well. The DJ for the night will be Electrolinear Entertainment.

For more information, call Shelly Burnett at 301-573-1490 or MJ Boylan at 301-739-6961, ext. 102.

MJ Boylan
transport manager
Blue Gray Towing

Recreation center board thanks Petties

To the editor:

The Memorial Recreation Center Board of Directors would like to publicly express our appreciation to Robert Petties for his leadership and dedication to the center and its children.

Robert served as executive director without compensation for more than two years, and before that as a member of the Memorial Recreation Center board.

He gave countless hours each week, always putting the children first. He has been a father figure to many and a role model to all.

Robert, thank you for "bringing us this far by faith."

Gary Graves
Memorial Recreation Center Board of Directors
and the MRC board

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