Letters to the Editor

July 16, 2009

Government keeps economy on even keel

To the editor:

The right wing has crashed on the rocks of reality. Its paranoia about government and the regulation of markets resulted in excesses of greed and self-indulgence on Wall Street, in the housing market and in the defense-war industry.

Under George W. Bush, people did what they wanted - financial gurus played games with the markets and profited on money that did not exist - and last summer, when it became apparent Barack Obama was going to be elected and the Republican-induced economic fantasy was not going to continue, they threw up their hands like drug addicts and said to the government, "Help us!"

The Republicans and Libertarians live somewhere in the 18th century, fascinated with an idea of America in which solitary individuals live on their mountaintop farms and demand to be left alone. The idea of civil society with its network of associations and economic relationships is frightening to them. They are not able to translate their notions of freedom into terms applicable to a huge, diverse and complex society. They see America in terms of the American Revolution and the Civil War.


There are two forces that keep America on an even keel - government and business. Under Bush, business went out of control and wrecked itself and the nation's prosperity with greed. Now under Obama, the government as the only functioning force has no other choice than to involve itself in business - in order to keep the ship of state from capsizing, in order to keep the economy from collapsing. Our huge national deficit represents all the phony business transactions that occurred under Bush.

When either government or business gets too strong, liberty is threatened. When Republicans and Libertarians talk about abolishing "big government," they are not talking about abolishing money and power. If government is gone, what will fill the vacuum? The answer is money and power and business.

One has to be a fool to believe big business and the multinational corporations are going to be the caretakers of human liberty. Business has only one God, and that is the dollar bill.

Sam CuthbertHagerstown

Shame on Tim for catty comments

To the editor:

Regarding Tim Rowland's cat column ("Cat claws its way to stardom," Tuesday, July 7, page A3): Apparently, you have no pets or if you do, I hope none of them end up in a tree. My husband and I read your column every day, but no more.

I applaud Merna Slabik for her letter ("Rowland took 'cheap shot' at cat in tree," Monday, July 13, page A4) and God bless the man who did rescue the cat after so many organizations turned their backs on the situation. Shame on Tim Rowland.

I haven't seen anything in the paper about this kitty's progress and I certainly hope he has found a good home.

Lindsay KeeferMercersburg, Pa.

Editor's note: The cat is back with his owners. The story was published in Tuesday's Herald-Mail. Boots the cat reunited with owner.

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