Around Funkstown

July 14, 2009|By SUSIE HOFFMAN

A weekend to remember

I hope that many of you came out this past weekend to share in the re-enactment of the Battle of Funkstown. I might step out on a limb and say that it was quite possibly the best ever.

The smell of the wood fires at night floated through town and brought an authentic feel to the occupation.

We always feed the troops and enjoy so much visiting with them, and are amazed at how they stay in character.

The street battle was educational and authentic.

A very big thank you to Johnny Phillips and Paul Crampton for all the hard work in getting this year's battle together.


Thanks to all the citizens who made sure the troops' foraging efforts were rewarded.

Thanks to all the vendors who made the afternoon in the park that much more enjoyable with good food.

Funkstown has to be one of the best small towns in America in which to live. Where else can living history settle in for the weekend and be so welcomed? Where else do neighbors share the fruits of their gardens - like zucchini or cucumbers - with "elves" stealthily making vegetable deposits on your porch?

Where else do all the ladies at the corner store know pretty much what you are going to order before you step in the door? Where else can you call town hall and have the most friendly and informed women always ready to assist you? That's our Funkstown.

Happy birthday

A most happy birthday to Miss Kitty who turns 17 Wednesday. Your father, brother, and I are so very proud of you and are constantly amazed by what a remarkable lady you are.

Share your news

So now it's your turn. .. I am so waiting to hear from anyone in Funkstown who has news to share ... perhaps it's a birthday or anniversary ... maybe there is a new member to your family. Perhaps your family recently took a much needed vacation. See, there is so much to report and I will just sit here by my computer and wait. The best way to reach me is at

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