Mail Call

July 11, 2009

"I am on my way to go shopping in a Dumpster. I guess I will mail my $2,000 to the county for property taxes, so I will have their permission to live in my house for another year. They are going to let me also pay liability and insurance premiums, plus upkeep and repair on the property. And if I want to do anything, all I have to do is ask their permission." - Pondsville

"I'm reading in Tuesday's paper about someone calling their doctor and trying to get an appointment. I worked in two medical offices, and there are criteria that you have to do before you can get an appointment. You need to take your temperature, you need to have your symptoms ready to tell. I also know that in the two doctors' offices I worked in, we kept emergency slots, to work people in that called for a same-day appointment." - Hagerstown


"I am fed up with reading about the push for curbside recycling in Boonsboro, every town council meeting. This group claims that the majority of people in Boonsboro are for this, and this is not true. ... If curbside does come, I will deduct it from my utility bill when I get it. I will not pay for it, and there's a lot of other people said they'll deduct the daggone charge, too." - Boonsboro

"This regards the lack of cost-of-living increases that Social Security recipients will not receive this year. All one needs to do is to connect the dots. What is so special about this year? The baby boomers turn 62. I think from this point on out, Social Security increases are going to be rare, especially with the spending." - Smithsburg

"Seniors, forget about the center. It's all about the federal bucks coming in here. It's such a marvelous plan on paper, putting us stupid seniors out there on top of all that education and good-for-our-little-brains stuff from HCC, and getting in federal money, so they don't have to spend general fund county money on rentals. We're never gonna see a center that we can use." - Hagerstown

"In reference to all the calls about the senior citizens center ... I just wanted to say I'm sure that the county or Community Action Council or someone will supply bus service for those who do not drive." - Hagerstown

"Now that we have no left turn from Chartridge Drive onto Eastern Boulevard, drivers have to pass the elementary school before branching out to several residential areas. If you go direct to North Potomac Street, vision is blocked by parked cars. What an engineering feat. What about a traffic light?" - Hagerstown

"I agree with the person who called in about people getting disability and still being able to work. I know one that works, that gets disability and still drives a truck and gets paid under the table." - Boonsboro

"If we learned anything from the Clinton years, it's that extramarital affairs are OK because it's your private life, and also, oral sex is not considered sex - so back off of (South Carolina) Gov. (Mark) Sanford." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"For the Sharpsburg caller who could not get a doctor when needed; suggested going out into a field to die: Under the Obama health plan, you have to choose a government-owned field." - Hagerstown

"The economy is in such bad trouble, and everybody seems to be dumbfounded about why. It was that national pre-trade agreement that put this economy in the predicament it's in now. The president needs to do away with it." - Hagerstown

"What is it with all this loud, irritating music in these stores when you shop? You can't even concentrate on what it is you're trying to buy. Then, you go out for dinner, and the music is so loud in the restaurant that you can't even have a conversation over dinner. Silence can be a good thing under the right circumstances. Turn the music off, or turn it down." - Clear Spring

"I've always enjoyed history, especially military history, but one thing that is really coming back to haunt me, as far as my history knowledge is ever since the Cold War, our enemies have said, 'We cannot defeat America from without. We have to defeat it from within.' You don't have to be an intellectual to look around and understand what's going on nowadays." - Hagerstown

"I got a comment about all these ... out there that are complaining about their not getting a senior citizens raise on their Social Security. You know, if you paid into Social Security all your life that you've worked, the first year that you draw Social Security complete that year, you got back more than you paid into it your whole life."

- Hagerstown

"I was trying to call Social Security today, and of course, I was put on hold, and a machine kept coming on every five seconds with a man telling me to hold on, and my patience was being appreciated. Every five seconds, this man come on to tell me this. It was really nerve-wracking. I mean, why would they have to come on every five seconds and say that? Then, after a while, they just hung up." - Hagerstown

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