Letters to the Editor

July 10, 2009

Ex-task force member offers redistricting plan

To the editor:

Having served on two Washington County Public Schools redistricting task forces, I would like to share my views on elementary school redistricting in the county in 2009.

Let me first say no plan is perfect. My information is the current task force is again considering sending children from the two subdivisions in Keedysville to Rockland Woods Elementary School on Sharpsburg Pike. I do not agree with this plan and offer an alternative plan.

I feel it is imperative the overcrowding at Boonsboro Elementary School be addressed. My plan is the following:

The children in the Black Rock Estates area and the surrounding houses who now attend Greenbrier Elementary School should be redistricted to Rockland Woods until the sister school across the street from Eastern Elementary School is ready to open, then those attendance areas would come back to the sister schools.


Second, all of the attendance area north of Boonsboro Elementary School, including the Kinsey Heights subdivision, would be redistricted from Boonsboro to Greenbrier. If the lines are drawn correctly, overcrowding at both Boonsboro and Greenbrier is accomplished.

As I said, no plan is perfect, but I feel this plan should be considered.

There are other areas of the county that need to be considered, but the whole situation pivots on Boonsboro/Greenbrier/Rockland Woods. The bus ride from Kinsey Heights to Greenbrier is considerably shorter than the bus ride from Keedysville to Rockland Woods.

Meredith Fouche

Sotomayor's 'batting average' not good for court

To the editor:

It seems to be somewhat rare to have a nominee for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court who actually has rendered lower-court decisions that have been reviewed recently by a higher court (in some cases, the U.S. Supreme Court itself). Yet this seems to be the case for Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

Her only problem is four of her earlier decisions at the lower-court level have been overturned by higher courts Thus, her proven batting average at this time is only .333. Now, that is not bad for an outfielder playing for the Baltimore Orioles. It fact, we don't have anyone hitting that well now.

But I think most of us would like to see our Supreme Court justices coming in with a record closer to .667 than .333.

If that is our goal, it is clear we need to have another candidate.

David L. Woods
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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