Mail Call

July 08, 2009

"When what I do infringes on someone else, then the respectful thing is to consider my actions. Why can't people be respectful of one another? Nonsmokers should be able to attend a public gathering without having smoke blow into their faces, and smokers have the right to smoke if they choose, but for heaven's sake, if nonsmokers are being affected by someone's smoke, the respectful thing to do is for the smoker to move elsewhere. - Hagerstown

"They already raised the price of gas 4 cents just because of the holiday. It's nothing but a rip-off for the poor people." - Sharpsburg

"I want to thank the very honest person at Martin's Food Market at North Pointe Drive. This customer found my purse and turned it in. ... To that person, I cannot thank you enough. You deserve the very best." - Hagerstown

"This is in reference to the person who called in to Mail Call saying what has Michael Jackson done besides entertainment. Well, he's gave millions to charity. So there, that's a lot. That's a lot, right there." - Hagerstown


"In The Herald-Mail on July 1, the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxations stated, quote, 'The ... property values decreased somewhat in 2008.' Who are they kidding? Values dropped 25 to 30 percent. Further, the director states property taxes have increased 9.1 percent from this time last year. Clearly, the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxations is ripping off homeowners with rising (taxes)." - Hagerstown

"It doesn't take imagination to know who John Conyers was referring to when he said 'the powers to be' have decided against previously promised hearings into ACORN's involvement in the last election. How come our Congress and senators don't get to decide an issue like that?" - Washington County

"There's a country song out by a country artist, a song titled 'You find out who your true friends are,' which that's a really true song and all. People do find out who their true friends are in the world today. I mean, I find that they're hard to come by, especially true friends." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Someone called in about the Obamas and their vacations. I guess they missed the CBS news report that ex-President Bush spent 490 days at his Texas ranch and 487 days at Camp David. That is over two and a half years of his eight-year term that he was on vacation. It's too bad he didn't take the whole eight years off, as we would be in a lot better shape now." - Hagerstown

"With all this hoopla about a new warden coming in and an old warden going out, all that doesn't impress me too much, but what I'm curious about is - and don't get me wrong, I don't have much sympathy for convicts - these officers that are on trial, who was in charge? We never heard anything about the warden at that institution at that time." - Hagerstown

"If you think you haven't seen the end of apathy and a withering, irrespectible and decrepit government, when they all vote for a one-world currency, you might as well cash in your chips before the antichrist will arrive." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the complainer who feels Leonard Pitts' column should be removed from our paper. I think it would be a loss to thoughtful readers who find his writing informative and thought-provoking. There are many times he writes to keep us on our toes, and to stir our hearts and our minds." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about a white Mustang which is showing off, going through town like he's crazy. I can't get through to the state police, ever. They don't bother, so the only way I can get through is Mail Call, where everything - everyone reads Mail Call. So take care of the white Mustang, please. Us older people don't need this." - Mount Lena

"I smoked for many years, but then I stopped for many years, and I think anybody who wants to smoke, like at a City Park concert, should have the decency to get up and go somewhere else away from the nonsmokers and smoke their cigarette. I'm not for taking their rights away, but if they had any manners, they wouldn't be blowing their smoke in people's faces." - Hagerstown

"Hey, is there any other station in Hagerstown that could run some left-wing talk shows? All I'm getting from this one station, 24 hours a day, is the right-wing, and I'm tired of listening to them." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in about the remark that was made in Friday's paper about people going in to get food. How does the person know whether or not these people have money to buy food? I mean, if they got it - the churches get proof that the people need food, let the churches decide, not someone outside." - Williamsport

"They don't want to give Social Security a raise. What about the big wheels in these auto companies getting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year? Why don't they reduce their wages? And when Congress gets a raise, it isn't two points or one point. They get 10, 20 thousand." - Hagerstown

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