Getting to know Amanda Krehbiel

July 07, 2009|By ALICIA PLATTER / Pulse correspondent

Editor's note: Amanda Krehbiel is a Pulse correspondent. Over the next weeks you'll meet the rest of the Pulse staff. If you know of any Tri-State teen who should be profiled, e-mail Assistant Lifestyle Editor Crystal Schelle at

Name: Amanda Krehbiel

Age: 13

School: North Hagerstown High School

Favorite type of music: country

Main hobbies: karate, reading and writing

Favorite color: purple

Why did you decide to join the Pulse team? For the experience and because I love to write.

What is your favorite food? Ice cream. And anything else that is sweet.

Where is your favorite place? Kansas


Family: Mom, Dad, big brother and two cats

Personal style: Colorful, expressive and down to earth.

Favorite book: I like all books, but "Island of the Blue Dolphins" is one of my favorites.

What in your bedroom best describes you? My bookshelf. It's full of something for everyone.

What is the weirdest thing you have done in the past week and why did you decide to do it? Jiu-jitsu sparring (wrestling) with a third-degree black belt (I'm a green belt), because he asked me if I wanted to.

If you could have one magical talent, what would you choose? To be able to teleport.

What is your least favorite sound? Annoying people talking when they shouldn't be.

Five things you can't live without are: sunscreen, water, my PC (with its Internet connection), a library card and karate

Who, in your opinion, is the most annoying celebrity? Zac Efron

If you could dye your hair any color, what color would you choose? Bright purple

What is your favorite word and why? indigo (It sounds so cool and mystical)

Who would you switch lives with? Almost any female "Star Trek" character

What is one thing you can't stand? Incompetent morons

Alicia Platter, 15, will be a sophomore at Smithsburg High School this fall. She enjoys photography and writing.

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