Mail Call

July 06, 2009

"The clerks who take your money for electric and water/sewer and tax payments are not responsible for you having to pay. Blame the politicians, vote next time, and please, quit being nasty to the clerks." - Hagerstown

"'I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.' - Bob Dylan." - Hagerstown

"Friday, June 26, we had that thunderstorm that went through Hagerstown knock out a lot of electric, including mine. I went for six hours without. I called the city electric company and told them that my electric was out and I'm on two different machines that I need to help me breathe, that my doctor writes a form every month to the electric company so when something like this happens I will get it fixed before someone who's not on a machine. I ended up calling three times that night." - Hagerstown


"After reading the results of some 9-10 All-Star games, I have the opinion that they should not be holding these tournaments. For that matter, the Minor League All-Stars, either. Seems like each game was either ended by the mercy rule, or there were over 20 runs scored by a team and a football score. So you keep these kids for an extra month and more, deprive them of vacation." - Hagerstown

"I would just like to thank the sports team and photographers of The Herald-Mail for doing such a great job covering the 9-10 All-Stars District Tournament. What great coverage, and the kids just love seeing their teams in the paper. Thank you so much." - Hagerstown

"A caller says he witnessed four motorists in a row running a red light, and wonders why there are no cops around when this happens. Perhaps we could double the size of our law enforcement departments, at great cost to the taxpayers, or we could put cameras at those intersections. But wait, Chris Shank and most of our Republican delegation adamantly oppose the use of cameras to catch lawbreakers." - Hagerstown

"I sure feel for the guy with the natural lawn. I'm glad my neighbors don't expect me to keep up a perfectly groomed 'chem lawn.' It's his land, he pays taxes on it, nobody else should be able to tell him how to groom it. ... Natural grasses hold water runoff, and we just call weeds 'weeds' because they aren't grass. Many are 'wildflowers,' and that sounds much better." - Hancock

"At last, they are dancing in the streets in Iraq, and that's because the troops are leaving. I don't think they ever did appreciate our brave soldiers' sacrifice." - Hagerstown

"There are many of us in Washington County who resentfully remember how powerful The Herald-Mail's support was for the new hospital location. Now, in their editorial, they are attempting to claim otherwise. It won't wash. The hospital is being built where traffic problems and resulting ambulance delays were always inevitable. Many of us knew this, but the hospital and the doctors won." - Washington County

"I see where the newspaper is now complaining about traffic jams when the new hospital opens. Duh. Where were they when we needed them? The Herald-Mail couldn't wait to jump on the bandwagon with the hospital and the doctors for this folly. Of course we needed a new hospital - but not there." - Downsville

"Someone broke into our garage on Resh Road and stole our son's 2007 Suzuki dirt bike, yellow and white. If anyone would have any information, please call the Washington County Sheriff's Department. And to the thief who stole it: I hope you realize that it will come back to haunt you, one way or the other." - Hagerstown

"Does anyone out there who commits adultery realize how much pain you cause the other partner? It's OK to come clean about the affair, to make you feel better, but your partner will never feel the same again. People, please think before you make some of the choices you make." - Halfway

"So we put a senior citizens center out at Hagerstown Community College, but the four-year college we put in downtown Hagerstown. Only in Washington County." - Hagerstown

"If the Obama's health plan and cap-and-trade plans are passed, we will be taxed unlike ever before and Obama and the federal government will control every aspect of our lives. This is not the change that we need." - Leitersburg

"I'd like to know, are the people getting together for the TEA Party here in Hagerstown? I'd like to participate. I need to know when it's gonna be and where, and what time, if possible. I don't want any opinions, please. I just need some information about the TEA Party. I want to participate in it." - Hagerstown

"I thought RNC stood for Republican National Committee, but I am hearing that it stands for Rush, Nuke and Cheney." - Clear Spring

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