Railroad crossings to be fixed

July 02, 2009|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN -- Two rough railroad crossings in the Hagerstown area will be replaced, although no date has been set, a CSX spokesman said this week.

CSX spokesman Bob Sullivan said Tuesday that a crossing on Virginia Avenue near Hagerstown's City Park and a crossing on Eastern Boulevard near Security Road will be replaced.

A story in Sunday's Herald-Mail reported that the city and the county have been trying to get CSX to fix the two deteriorating crossings.

The Virginia Avenue crossing is in the city. The Eastern Boulevard crossing is in the county, outside the city.

Rodney Tissue, the city's engineer, said last week that about a year ago, the city posted a sign at the Virginia Avenue crossing telling the public how to complain to CSX, which maintains its own property.


Joseph Kroboth III, Washington County's director of public works, said last week that the Eastern Boulevard crossing was in good shape until 2005, when, after a train derailment, CSX "threw some asphalt in there" to fix it.

Tissue and Kroboth named those two crossings when asked which ones in the area were in the worst shape.

Kroboth said CSX has tentatively committed to work on the Eastern Boulevard crossing, possibly late in the summer. Sullivan wouldn't be that specific.

Asked why CSX hasn't replaced the crossings for years, Sullivan said, "The issue for us is one of simply getting the work scheduled."

He said CSX will coordinate the projects with the city and county.

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