Greencastle drafts five-year plan

Borough's top goal is to ease traffic flow

Borough's top goal is to ease traffic flow

July 02, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- The Greencastle Borough Council said its top goal for the next five years is to improve traffic flow throughout the borough.

The Borough of Greencastle has been considering a bypass around town for more than a decade, but with recent construction on Baltimore Street proving it easy to create a two-mile traffic jam, the council has moved the item to the top of its list.

The five-year strategic plan drafted by the council was the brainchild of Councilwoman Michele Emmett.

"I wanted to bring people together to look at what we could do to better Greencastle," she said.

The plan relied heavily on residents' input, gathered through letters, e-mails and a town hall meeting hosted in April by the Penn State Cooperative Extension.

The council drafted seven key goals to address in the next five years during meetings in May and June.

Traffic flow topped the list, followed closely by infrastructure improvements and coordinating fire and ambulance services.


Other goals included ensuring pedestrian safety through responsible maintenance of curbs and sidewalks, providing a wide range of recreational opportunities for residents, encouraging the availability of health-care and housing options for all, and preserving the town's sense of community.

But setting goals only was part of the plan, Emmett said.

"I wanted us to also take action," she said.

Each goal in the draft plan includes a series of action steps, and identified those who would be required to bring about change.

Not everything can be accomplished solely by the borough, Emmett said.

"Borough council cannot take all of this on ourselves. If we do it will fail," she said. "We need citizen involvement to make it work."

Borough Manager Ken Womack said the plan posted on the borough Web site only is a draft. The council needs to vote on the draft plan at its July meeting.

The draft five-year plan can be viewed on the borough's Web site at

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