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Mail Call

July 02, 2009

"I am calling concerning the large amount of young teenagers that hang out on the streets. ... They are loud and obnoxious, and stay out til 2 a.m. in the morning disturbing older people who work and go to bed early. A curfew should really be enforced, even in the summertime, and they should get fined if the police see them." - Hagerstown

"Mr. Obama, President Obama, you bailed out the mortgage companies, you bailed out the car companies. You know, if you give to foreigners that haven't worked a day in their life over here, you give money to the foreign countries, how about bailing out Social Security, and give people some money that actually paid into that thing? Please, do the right thing." - Hancock

"Hats off to Herald-Mail for excellent article on the 29th, Nora Roberts scholarship. Thank goodness she practices what she preaches. I wish more people would do that. Also, on the 28th, your restaurants, two pages. Everybody should look at that, and know where you want to go to eat. That's a wonderful service by The Herald-Mail and the health department. Thanks." - Chewsville


"I applaud the Commission on Aging and CAC for qualifying people before they give out food. Too bad the churches aren't doing the same. The churches need to crack down and demand proof of current income before they give out food. Too many poor people are being left out, and people are taking advantage of it. They're going in and they don't need it, and they have income to buy food." - Williamsport

"This is to the lady who said about going to get her dental work done, and the lady behind her with Maryland Physicians Care. Just because she had a card doesn't mean that she doesn't work, too. My husband works, and we have Maryland Physicians Care. So don't judge people just because of their insurance. We don't make enough money, even though we do pay taxes, so we are paying for our insurance." - Hagerstown

"In Tuesday's edition of The Herald Mail ... 'No cost-of-living adjustment expected for Social Security.' In response to this, I would ask, has the train of recovery stalled on the tracks or is it just going backwards? ... What happened to our recovery package? Did someone snatch it? ... Give us something to look forward to besides an empty, dirty pan. Don't lie to us and make it sound like the money is on its way." - Big Pool

"I wanted to inform The Herald-Mail that Knoxville is in Washington County, and I wanted to know why the paper is not posting in the police briefs about several robberies that have occurred in our area. I feel it's important way to inform the neighborhood of these break-ins and the crimes being committed." - Knoxville

"I see on Friday that the House passed that cap and trade deal that could cost us as much as $1,500 more on our energy bill. President Obama pushed it to get it passed, and mostly Democrats voted for it. ... I just wonder who they're gonna blame that on, when all these extra bills comes out that we have to pay." - Boonsboro

"You want to fix Social Security, you need to raise the retirement age to 70, but make it easier for people 60 and older to get disability. I knew someone who worked all their life and had to apply twice to get it. And the next you need to do is get all these people in their 20s and 30s ... and they don't want to work. ... These people need to be made to go out and work." - Hagerstown suburb

"This is in response to the person calling in about not getting help from Social Services. My husband and I were in the same situation years ago, and we didn't get help from Social Services, because we had a house and we had vehicles. Well, excuse us for working and paying taxes. And then something happens that's unpredictable, and you cannot get any help out of a system if you've been paying into it." - Sharpsburg

"See, Obama said he wants to spread the wealth, by taking away from people who worked all their lives, while people who don't work and never want to work, they don't have anything in the world to worry about. I hope one term, and one term only, and it's not too late for this country." - Hagerstown

"I went to Social Services for assistance with a utility termination, and I've gotten nothing but the run-around. I turned in all the paperwork when they asked for it to be turned in, and also submitted some other information which they did not ask for. And three weeks later - well, actually almost a month later, I still have not received any assistance." - Hagerstown

"This is concerning Mason Stull's birthday, that wanted gifts for animals. You're a gift from heaven. Your mother and father don't know how lucky they are. Thank God for you." - Hagerstown

"Washington County homeowners, beware. When July 1 comes, we will receive our tax bills, which again will be higher than last year. Some things never change. Our home values are down, many folks have lost their jobs or have reduced hours of work. ... The commissioners failed to reduce spending, and as a result, we have to pay more." - Washington County

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