Cat has not left tree

July 02, 2009|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN -- The saga of the stuck kitty was uncertain on Thursday, until Lynda Dominick heard the animal's cries.

She said late Thursday afternoon that she no longer could see or hear the cat that had been perched in a tree near her home since Monday.

Then, Thursday night, she knew the animal still was stuck. "It's screaming like crazy," she said by phone at about 9:40 p.m.

From Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, the cat was about 30 feet up the tree, said Dominick, who lives in the Brandywine complex near Hagerstown Community College. She doesn't know whose cat it is.


On Wednesday, a few hours after The Herald-Mail asked the Humane Society of Washington County if it planned to try to get the cat down, an officer went to Dominick's home. However, the rescue effort only prompted the cat to climb higher up the tree, which sits in her neighbor's yard.

Dominick said she knew the cat still was in the tree on Wednesday because it answered meowing noises she made.

On Thursday, though, the cat didn't respond -- until she heard the telltale cries at night.

Food she left in a bowl was gone Thursday, but Dominick said squirrels or other wildlife might have eaten it.

A Herald-Mail story on the cat's plight Thursday generated numerous comments on the newspaper's Web site -- some criticizing the Humane Society for not doing more, and some saying the cat would come down if it were left alone, which was the Humane Society's advice.

Dominick said she posted a comment defending her neighbor for not wanting a tree service to drive a truck into the yard to help get the cat down. Dominick said it was a liability issue, which she understood.

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