Letters to the Editor

July 01, 2009

Jesus is our war leader in prayer

To the editor:

I want to thank the kind person who enjoys my writings. I am an older person who will continue to call myself "A Jesus girl" because He and I have been friends for a good many years.

He brought me through heartache and disappointments, along with guidance, healing and love I didn't deserve. Not wealth or material things, but heart-and-soul things. Telling me in that calm, yet powerful voice, "You don't do that your way, Frances. You do it my way because I know what is best." The sooner we learn that, the better off we will be.

Oh, the many mistakes. The heck with that word "mistakes." Let us call them what they are - "sins." I hate that word, sin, but we must confront it, beat it up and throw it out. To do this, we need a leader.


We have a war leader in prayer. We bend our knees and bow our heads with pounds of weight pressing down on our shoulders. As we pray, we feel that weight being lifted and disappear. Oh, what a relief.

We have heavy hearts for our America these days. Let us bind our hearts in Christian love, lifting, supporting, providing, encouraging and trusting, and our great, great commander will take charge and bring victory.

Waters are cold and deep, floods wild and raging, deserts hot and dry, mountains high and rugged, but there is one who takes us through them all.

Bless his holy name, Jesus.

Frances Moats

Pa. legislators should take pay cuts

To the editor:

Concerning Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell's plan to close the Scotland School for Veterans Children: I realize he wants to pass his budget. He has to make cuts somewhere in the process, but I feel and think he and other government leaders or representatives should accept a decrease in the income they receive.

This would help them balance their budget. Besides, I feel a lot of these officials are receiving more income than they really deserve. They are not worth what they are getting. They are overpaid and underworked.

They need to show they deserve what they receive, and I don't mean by going on trips such as Bill Shuster does either, wasting precious money.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.

Proposed size of Flight 93 memorial is absurd

To the editor:

The controversy surrounding the Flight 93 memorial is very real. The problem is that the planned site is 2,200 acres and will cost $158 million.

The residents of Somerset County are facing an "eminent domain" nightmare and are justified in resisting giving up their homes and valuable farmland.

The proposed size of the memorial is absurd. A proper memorial can easily be presented on five or 10 acres.

Surely, the people on Flight 93 were noble. But millions of people have died for a noble cause with no memorial for their sacrifice.

I believe when people look down from above, they will consider a memorial of little consequence.

Paul S. Smith
Mercersburg, Pa.

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