Mail Call

June 30, 2009

"Here we go again. Watching the news again, another politician committing adultery. What is wrong with people today? That's all you hear anymore. It's just disgusting. Vows mean nothing to anyone. And those who commit adultery shouldn't get off with just a slap on the wrist. ... We should bring back chastity belts, and your spouse is the only one that has a key." - Hagerstown

"We need more policemen on the road. I was ... at a red light today at 5 p.m., and the light changed to green, and four cars proceeded through. We had the green light. And I see this every day. It's nothing new. I just don't know why we can't have more police around. They could give out so many tickets. I think they'd make a lot of money. I know they would." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the rights of the victims that Muhammad went state to state and shot and killed, and left people without their families. He needs to pay, and now." - Hagerstown


"I just wanted to comment that I'm sick and tired of hearing about all this hype about a new senior citizens center. I mean, come on, people, they're offering to build you a brand-new building. You know, every time, every option that's ever put in for consideration always has complaints and is shot down by the senior citizens." - Hagerstown

"Our piggy bank is made in China. China owns the piggy bank. So why don't our elected officials just keeping borrowing from China, so our kids and grandchildren can pay the bill?" - Hagerstown

"I once thought that GOP stood for 'Gouge Old People,' but over the years, there has been a rash of Republican senators who have been cheating on their wives with other women, children and pages, and now the Republican Party should be called the 'Grand Obsolete Party.'" - Hagerstown

"I do not think health care should be taxed; that is part of your right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. A heavier tax should be put on beer, liquor and wine." - Hagerstown

"I think the U.S. government should stop sending money overseas and take care of the people living in the polluted trailers down in New Orleans where Katrina went through. It is time to take care of our own, not others." - Hagerstown

"'Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.' - Thomas Jefferson. Sound familiar?" - Hagerstown

"Universal health care would be nothing more than another government intrusion into our lives. It's just another money pit the government will pour your money into - a system that's already been declared dysfunctional by doctors in Britain and Canada. ... When the White House cries, 'We need to get this done now,' they're really saying, 'Push this through before the people catch on.'" - Hagerstown

"Gee, the Republican Party is going to run out of potential presidential candidates, governors and Washington politicians if they can't learn to stay at home. Talk about self-destruction. I'm ashamed to call myself a registered Republican. Who's next?" - Greencastle, Pa.

"This decision to build a new senior citizens center out behind the community college - is it true the decision was actually made on April Fool's Day, and nobody has caught on to the joke yet?" - Greencastle, Pa.

"I see a task force has been convened to discuss the viability of USM-H. This should have been done before the downtown location was rammed down the public's throat. This facility is needed in our area, for sure, but it is not a fit for the downtown for many reasons, not the least of which is there will be no room to expand when the time has come." - Hagerstown

"Just a wonderful article, Herald-Mail. Thank God you're reporting it, A2 on the 25th. I see we're spending another $2.4 million for a fire company at the airport. That's fine, no problem; 95 percent's coming from the federal government, so we can get my tax money back. But I see we're only operating crash trucks 9 to 5. What do we do after 9 to 5?" - Chewsville

"This is Thursday, I'm reading Mail Call, and this is in response to someone that lives on Route 40 in Clear Spring that is talking about things that they find along the road that people throw out. Did you ever think maybe that they are things that are being blown off the dump trucks that are going to the landfill?" - Hagerstown

"In reference to the caller from Greencastle, said about that I bother him with my comments, well, I would like to say to that caller that he doesn't have to read those comments. ... But that's what Mail Call is for. It's for people to call in and vent out their frustrations, along with state their opinion." - Greencastle, Pa.

"We have a telephone number that we call for deleting phone calls from salespeople and a telephone number to call for deleting sales cell phone numbers, but why don't we have one that deletes phone calls for private callers and out-of-the-area callers that are telling us we have to give them donations of some sort?" - Hagerstown

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