Mail Call

June 29, 2009

"I don't have a complaint or anything. It's just that on July 4, my cousin is having a cookout and I wanted to let him know that I hope he has the pool open this year and keep the crab vegetable soup cooking because we're ready for a nice, sunny day." - Hagerstown

"To Boonsboro: You are already paying for other people's health care. No one gets turned away at the ER, and they pass on the costs. Drug companies are giving more away to the uninsured, while you pay more. A percentage of everything you buy is to cover the cost of employer-provided health care. Theirs, and your, premiums are going up faster than inflation." - Cearfoss

"In regards to GASD budget, there are several ways to cut the budget without taking away from the support staff, which ultimately will happen. One thing, they could eliminate the beginning of school meeting, which they pay a motivational speaker to come and talk for two hours, and then pay for a luncheon for all the district employees. Totally unnecessary." - Greencastle, Pa.


"I am so tired of hearing the political left lying to themselves about the 2000 election. The Supreme Court did not award the election to George Bush. They stopped the attempt by Al Gore to steal the election by selectively counting votes. ... Open your minds to what is happening to our nation. Our children and grandchildren will be paying for Obama's $1.8 trillion debt." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Every week, I get to open my paper to the Opinion section and see the trash that is Leonard Pitts' column. ... I am thoroughly surprised that The Herald-Mail continues to print Mr. Pitts' material, when he ... does nothing more than push his own political, racial and religious agendas as fact. I, for one, am tired of reading Mr. Pitts' garbage, and feel it is time for The Herald-Mail to do something about it." - Hagerstown

"To the caller from Hagerstown concerned about the Bible, prayer and Jesus Christ being removed from the public forum: Rejoice. May your faith be strengthened by this affirmation of Bible prophecy. If we behave like Christians, the merchants of the earth would go out of business. So they must continue to crucify Christ and sell their crooked financial system, their booze, drugs and pornography." - Hedgesville, W.Va.

"To the caller who didn't like the comment I put in about judging a woman from the neck up: I didn't mean about how they look. I'm talking about what was in their mind, what kind of mind they have, what kind of thoughts they have - which means like their decency, their compassion. Get the picture now?" - Hagerstown

"I'd like to have people know about the accident that happened out there on Jefferson Boulevard in Smithsburg and Crystal Falls Road. There needs to be a light put up there. It is so hard to pull out onto the road, when the cars come around the bend so fast. And the little lady that was killed, she was really important to us." - Smithsburg

"I'm calling about lowering the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph on the turn on Eastern Boulevard near the YMCA. Well, it's a big joke. Now, instead of coming around the turn at 60 mph, they come at 50. I know, because I live in Potomac Manor, and I come out that way. It's a big joke. First of all, the YMCA should never have been built (near) the turn." - Washington County

"I see where they are saying there's a good chance that senior citizens on Social Security won't be getting a cost-of-living adjustment this year. We give billions of dollars to other countries, and billions of dollars to people who come into this country and haven't paid a penny into Social Security, but yet we can't give a couple of percentage points increase in benefits to people who have lived in this country and paid into Social Security, probably all their lives. This is absolutely pathetic." - Hagerstown

"I agree with the letter to the editor about HCC being a terrible location for the senior center. Clearly, seniors, the ones who would be using it if it were in a better location, didn't get to express their opinion. The cost will far surpass renting one of the many vacant buildings already in existence for many years. What a mistake." - Hagerstown

"Regarding the June 23 paper, in Mail Call, about the mayor of Smithsburg has the town as her top priority and they need to elect a new council: They need to elect a new mayor because the mayor has her son doing all the jobs as her top priority. Whoever wrote that in Smithsburg is very wrong. It was the mayor that should be voted out, not the council." - Smithsburg

"I would like to know, since we're not gonna get a COLA increase this year, are the people in Washington gonna get their raise? The Senate, the Congress, the representatives, our governor, our vice governors, vice principals. You know, are they all gonna get a raise, you know? And if they get a raise, why can't we get a COLA raise? Doesn't seem fair to me, and I sent my money in to Social Security, every job I had." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

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