Funkstown OKs budget with new trash service

June 29, 2009|By MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN -- Good waste-collection service is important, but Funkstown Vice Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. made it clear that low bids are what count to fiscally prudent town governments.

"The lowest bidder should win," Crampton said.

The council agreed and voted unanimously to accept the one-year bid of $76,203.20, submitted by Blue Ridge Sales (Greenscape) for FY 2010.

The higher bid of $76,280.80 came from Allied Waste Services, which had the town's contract for the current fiscal year, which ends today.

Representatives of the two waste-collection companies vying for Funkstown business attended the special meeting, where the FY 2010 budget was approved.


While there was some discussion about whether the town would accept a one- or two-year contract with either company, Crampton said he was strongly opposed to any agreement for more than one year.

Carl Hardcastle of Greenscape assured the town that the Dumpsters would be replaced within 24 hours and that his firm would begin collecting trash on Thursday.

Without much additional discussion, the town council voted to adopt the FY 2010 budget, which reflects several fee increases for residents.

The budget calls for the trash pickup fee to increase to $36 per quarter from its current $30 per quarter rate. That would trim the town's loss to about $10,000 a year.

At an earlier budget meeting, council members said they would favor a 5 percent sewer rate increase coupled with the $24 annual jump in trash fees at a rate of $6 per quarter for the new fiscal year.

As for the sewer rate, a 5 percent increase would translate into a quarterly increase for in-town users of $3.25; out-of-town customers would see a $4.35 increase.

With the budget approval, Crampton said the bids can now be advertised for the roadwork on the last blocks of Poplar and Chestnut streets to make them permanently one-way.

The estimate for that work is $12,775 for curbing and landscaping. That project could start as early as August.

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