Former MSP trooper charged with kidnapping woman

June 26, 2009|By ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN -- A former Maryland State Police trooper was charged Wednesday with kidnapping the wife of another trooper, according to Washington County District Court records.

John Forrester Hall, 38, of 19115 Beacon Lane, also is charged with attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment and two harassment charges, according to court records.

Hall has posted bond, according to court records available online.

Hall, who retired from the Maryland State Police in September 2008, had been involved in an extramarital relationship with the wife of another trooper, court records allege.

On June 11, a state police investigator was called to the home of Trooper 1st Class Gregg Lantz. Lantz's wife, Trisha Lantz, had been involved in an 18-month relationship with Hall, but she alleged when she tried to break it off, he began harassing her, Sgt. David Bowers wrote in charging documents.


Gregg and Trisha Lantz said they were afraid of Hall, documents show.

Although Trisha Lantz told Hall their relationship was over, she alleged he kept trying to contact her even though she changed her cell phone number and blocked other phone numbers and e-mail so he couldn't contact her, Bowers wrote.

Hall sent Trisha Lantz messages saying he would mail things to her family and husband that would "ruin her life," records show.

The kidnapping charge stems from an incident June 8 in the parking lot at Robinwood Medical Center.

Trisha Lantz was leaving work at the center when Hall pulled up in his father's pickup truck and told her they needed to talk. He told her to get in his truck, and she said she got in the truck because she was afraid.

Hall became angry as they talked and said "if he could not have what he wanted then she was not going to get what she wanted either," court records allege.

Trisha Lantz repeatedly told him to let her out of the truck and then, as he was driving toward the parking lot exit, she jumped out of the truck, Bowers wrote. Hall accelerated the truck and swore at her as she jumped, according to allegations in court documents.

She was cut and bruised from jumping out of the truck, according to court documents.

Police said in court documents video surveillance cameras from Robinwood Medical Center corroborated Trisha Lantz's account of the locations of the truck and its direction of travel.

The documents said, however, "The area where the victim reported jumping out of the vehicle was not captured in the video. The camera for that location was inoperable when the incident occurred."

On June 11, Trisha Lantz was leaving work and again saw Hall in the parking lot. She started driving to her mother's house in Myersville, Md., and Hall followed her, records allege.

When Trisha Lantz stopped at a convenience store on U.S. 40 at Md. 66, where she was meeting her mother, Hall followed her into the parking lot, according to allegations in court documents. That was the day the Lantzes called state police.

Hall did not return a message seeking comment.

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