Letters to the Editor

June 26, 2009

Relay for Life was a touching event

To the editor:

All of Washington County should be extremely proud of the successful 25th anniversary celebration of Relay for Life held June 19 and 20 at Fairgrounds Park.

Event co-chairs Tom Sweeney and Trish Rowland and their efficient committees must have worked weeks in planning a smooth operational program of events designed to "Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back" against this tenacious killer, cancer.

With 21 on-site fundraisers plus 46 local business and individual supporters, the event opened with a plethora of speeches, songs, poems and especially poignant testimonies by a survivor and a caregiver who spoke from the heart of their fight to conquer cancer. Lou Scally did a fine job as MC, as usual. One of the largest survivor receptions ever was held, with a catered dinner by Leiters Catering and Fine Food.


One of the largest luminaria ceremonies paid tribute to those who have been touched by cancer. As darkness fell with total silence, the candles and a large-screen projection showed faces and names of the family members and friends who have died. With the bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace," this part of the program brought many tears to audience members as they paused to reflect and remember their loved ones who have passed on. A touching moment indeed in an evening filled with joy and some sadness.

As a cancer survivor myself, I am grateful for all of the hard work these dedicated people freely give to raise money and to show appreciation to those of us who have wrestled with this killer and are still here.

Thank you, relay teams, for working so hard to keep hope alive during this 25th anniversary year of the event.

Blanton Croft

The four significant things in a person's life

To the editor:

I am a male citizen of Washington County, Md., who will reach 60 years of age within the next two years. I consider myself fortunate to have learned a lesson about life in my early 30s, which I have tried never to forget.

The lesson: There are only four things significant in a person's life. From my viewpoint, they are one's health, one's family, one's friends and one's faith. I do not discount the fact we need jobs to pay our bills, but in most cases, we will lose our job voluntarily or involuntarily and what do we have then?

The four things I have cited do not magically occur. We, as individuals, must actively work to bring quality to all four sectors.

I am sure there will be detractors to my statements. All I know is this road map has served me well for almost 30 years. Of course, I believe in recreation in its many forms. Is my life perfect? By no means.

Will I continue to lead a life surrounded by family, friends, faith and hopefully, good health? I hope so, to the best of my ability.

If any of this comes across as value to the reader, use it in your life. If it comes across as nonsense, discard it.

Meredith Fouche

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