Mail Call

June 25, 2009

"It doesn't make sense to me, with all the empty buildings in downtown Hagerstown and around the county, that we have to put a building at Hagerstown Community College for the senior citizens. You also can't tell me that it costs more to revamp a building like that than it does to start new, with one that's gonna costs more than $3 million. Where are the sensible people in this?" - Halfway

"The ice cream plant in Hagerstown that's closing, why doesn't the government make it possible for the employees to own and run the plant?" - Warfordsburg, Pa.

"Skiers, winter is on its way. The sun has reached its northernmost point, and it's moving south." - Halfway

"Here's a perfect example of why you should keep separation of church and state. Look at Iran. The religious leaders control the country. President's just a figurehead. They really don't have a say. Perfect example. Keep church out of government's business. Just like Jesus said, give Caesar's things back to Caesar's, God things back to God. He was saying keep it separate." - Falling Waters, W.Va.


"It was a great concert last night at the City Park, but my enjoyment was decreased by a smoker who sat about 10 yards away from the seating area and really took away my enjoyment. I think smoking should be banned in public places like that." - Hagerstown

"Could anybody out there tell me what you can do with good, used pillows? The SPCA won't take them for the animals, and I really don't want to throw them away, and I have no clue what else they could be used for. So somebody call in and let me know what they possibly could be used for." - Hagerstown

"Williamsport is getting ready to have another Bike Night, and last year's was fantastic, and this year's is supposed to be better. But there's merchants in Williamsport that think bikers are riff-raff. Do you realize what all the bikers do? Toys for Tots, San Mar Children's Home. Better think about it, because it does bring business to your town." - Williamsport

"I wonder if the seniors complaining about the new senior center at HCC have been keeping up with things. The other locations would have cost a fortune to renovate, and they would have had to pay rent. This is saving the taxpayers money." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person who said that all people had to do was to read the converter box instructions. Well, I didn't see anywhere in that instruction that said I may have to replace my antenna, and that I may have to have my trees trimmed, which happened to be my source." - Hagerstown

"Every thinking American citizen should read 'Atlas Shrugged,' immediately." - Maugansville

"I'm calling in reference to them thinking about building a community park. I think that the city ought to take care of the potholes in the streets before they consider anything else. This is totally ridiculous. It's going on the month of July, and when you go up and down the streets all over Hagerstown, it's wear and tear on your car." - Hagerstown

"I'm 83, and by this time I know that the best communication is between people in the same age group. We have a lifetime of lessons of life, and like to talk to our peers. Any place that is easy to enter and has the amenities we need would do. It's the group that counts, not the place. An empty storefront would do. Do something now. Time's a-wastin.'" - Hagerstown

"My reason for calling is, yesterday in Hancock, at the Little League park up there, they had a homerun derby contest, with all of the leagues participating. There was no coverage from The Herald-Mail. I have searched through the sports page today of The Herald-Mail, and I find nothing in there whatsoever about this event for our young people." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the guy from Hancock and his pit bull, and the coyotes. He better keep his eyes open, because he might be the next coyote." - Bunker Hill, W.Va.

"I'm an elderly gentleman, and I went down to City Hall last week to pay my light bill, and it was raining, and I got there 10 minutes before they opened. ... Wouldn't let me in. I think something should be done about this." - Hagerstown

"Thirty years ago, the Iranian ayatollahs played Jimmy Carter like a violin. Today, in Barack Obama, lacking Mr. Carter's humility and experience, the mad mullahs have discovered a veritable Stradivarius. - Smithsburg

"I called CSX railroad last week about the rough crossing at Eastern Boulevard. They said it's been fixed, and it'll be rebuilt in 2010. The number of the crossing is 915170Y. I don't believe it. I cross that thing every day, and it's not fixed." - Hagerstown

"I read in your paper last week where they're gonna spend billions more for the war in Iraq, I mean, for some years to come. I mean, I thought that whenever Obama was elected that he was gonna start bringing the troops home. They were gonna bring most of the troops home. I guess we'll be paying for the war in Iraq for years." - Greencastle, Pa.

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