Mail Call

June 24, 2009

"The Saturday paper: I read about the 10-year-old girl that died of cancer, got her last wish. She wanted to see the Disney movie 'Up.' But what I can't believe is it was put on page 12, A12, and the front page, they put 'School system gets $9.4 million in stimulus funds.'" - Clear Spring

"Just remember that Obama and the White House Mafia 'own' the mainstream media, and through it, can feed you all the 'blabber blast' and 'sweet talk' they want. It's not necessarily anything close to the truth, it's just what they want to sell you to get you to do what they need to their own agendas. Remember this if you watch ABC's 'Obama infomercial' this Wednesday." - Hagerstown

"I feel that you should just publish people's names that call in comments anyway, because some people know at times who's calling in anyway, just by reading some of the comments. I have people tell me that they read some of my comments, which I don't care or anything. I mean, I'd be glad to sign my name, I mean, to my comments, along with my letters." - Greencastle, Pa.


"With all these phone books we get in the mail and dropped at our doorway and in our driveways, I wish one of these companies would put out a phone book in large print. AT&T used to, but I called in and they don't make them anymore. So I wish one company would make one in large print." - Halfway

"Just calling to comment on Bill Kohler's commentary, on his Father's Day write-up. I'd just like to say very good, Bill, and I'm sure you make your father very proud." - Hagerstown

"Barbara Boxer has no respect for our military." - Halfway

"I find it rather interesting, people complaining about the upkeep of the golf course, especially since the taxpayers are subsidizing it. I have another question. Why? And why do we subsidize the airport? If it's not making money, sell it. Sell both of them. And also, why is HCC called Hagerstown Community College, when it's not even in the city?" - Hagerstown

"I'm reading the front page of Saturday morning's paper, on June 20, 'School system gets $9.4 million in stimulus funds.' Well, this money should not go towards any pay raises for the school board or Mrs. Morgan's pay raises. This should go strictly for building new schools, because I think they're a little bit overpaid now. ... And the teachers don't need more pay raises either." - Hagerstown

"Herald staff photographer Joe Crocetta took the best and most heartwarming picture I've ever seen in a newspaper, of the two little boys walking in the Relay for Life. They are Caleb Hawbaker, 5, and Asher Hopkins, 6. When you think of all the druggies, the lowlife, the robbers, (people) who drive while drinking, these little boys are my heroes, and they should be everyone's inspiration." -Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"ABC will be presenting a program on 'health care' this Wednesday. It will be entirely 'one-sided,' without any opposing views, discussion or debate. This is the unfair approach Obama uses to pass his 'programs.' It's his way or else. This will be nothing more than another Obama snake oil infomercial. Why will he not allow any discussion or debate?" - Hagerstown

"I don't know why you even put in the paper 'What do you think?' vote, for the commissioners voting to put the senior citizens at HCC. You know the people don't want it out there, because there's no way to get there, for some senior citizens. And besides, the commissioners are gonna do only what they want to do - for an example, the hospital." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I live on Route 40 in Clear Spring, and you can't imagine the things that people throw out. Can you imagine throwing out your children's art work that they made in school? That's right. Anyhow, today I found a real treasure: A bank envelope from M&T bank with enough cash in it for our family to go out for Father's Day dinner. So thank you." - Clear Spring

"Just watching TV, about all the unrest in Iran, and how much CNN is - how much coverage they're providing for it. Why didn't they do the same thing when George Bush was in office and suppressed the people so that they couldn't march in protest?" - Halfway

"My opinion on the location and building of a new senior center is exactly the same as the majority of feedback on the subject, in Sunday's paper. Who made this choice? Not the seniors. When do they get to be heard? The location would benefit a minority of seniors, just like the arts school will benefit a minority of students. Hagerstown must be rich." - Hagerstown

"I recently saw a documentary about our medical and health care. It was called 'Sicko.' It was a real mind-opener. I think everybody should see this." - Hagerstown

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