Mail Call

June 23, 2009

"Penny Nigh and Lt. Marjorie Cline, we really miss your help here in the East End, especially on East Avenue and North Mulberry Street. We have no help now. At least you were never a wimp. We really miss you both."- Hagerstown

"I think people in the world today should just let other people live their own life and all. I think it's really something, whenever you're out and about, how people look at you as though you shouldn't be there when they're there, such as when you're at a store or somewhere. I mean, people give you the look as though you owe them something. Also, I've noticed that people prefer praising letters and comments, praising comments more so than criticism comments. I mean, I feel readers and people should take the good with the bad." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Where can you take paper that you have shredded? I haven't seen anything in the paper of anyone that accepts it." - Hagerstown


"I'd like to address the speeding in Boonsboro. I live on Main Street, and the speeding is out of hand. The trucks are jake-braking, they come in so fast, and the cars are hitting the brakes a half a mile before the square to slow down. I understand there's an election for a new mayor in May of next year. I believe we need to make this a campaign issue, to resolve the speeding issues." - Boonsboro

"While driving in the rain, I saw more than 100 cars with headlights off, and headlights are supposed to be on. Why don't the police grab these people? And also, they shouldn't close Guantanamo Bay and bring the prisoners over here. There's enough trouble in ... prisons." - Hagerstown

"I read the paper and noticed that they want to build a community park out down from the YMCA. I think the city should reconsider, because of the potholes that we have all through town. Hopefully they'll correct that first before they build another park."- Hagerstown

"I agree with the caller from Funkstown. So far with Obama, I see nothing good for me. Gas prices are heading back up, plus utility rates are too high and heading higher. Worst of all for me, I am going to lose around $11,000 in income this year because of low certificate of deposit rates. This is change for the worse."- Hagerstown

"I saw in Mail Call Thursday, somebody is wondering when they are going to start conscripting doctors for the national health care. This has nothing to do with reality. It is obvious that he doesn't read the newspaper, but only gets his news from the right-wing noise machine. I feel so sorry for him." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Does anyone know how to block receiving unsolicited text messages (advertising)? This is so wrong. I sent my cell phone number to the 'Do Not Call list' but still get calls for 'the information you requested,' which I definitely never requested. This is such an invasion of my privacy, my time and stealing from the cost of personal cell phone use." - Hancock

"Congratulations ... I'm so glad to finally see you as anchor on this local TV station. You are more than qualified, and you should have been on there long ago. So keep up the good work, and I hope it's permanent. Bless your heart, and God bless." - Boonsboro

"I see where John McCain come out of his hole, and now he's criticizing the president. I hear him every day on different areas, on the TV talking or in the radio. Tell him he lost the election, just go back in his hole." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in regards to the Frederick County person who asked if West Virginia has a paper of their own. Well, I live in Shepherdstown, W.Va., and I read The Herald-Mail because I am from Hagerstown, Md., and other parts of Maryland, and I think that it is anybody's choice to read whichever paper that they want, and The Herald-Mail pretty much covers this Eastern Panhandle area. So I think that if people pay to put their birth announcements or deaths or anything ... and that's just what I think about that, and I don't think that it's any business of hers where they put their birth or death announcements in any paper. They pay for it, they should get it." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"With all the workers in this country needing health care, we have a senseless group complaining about the president killing a fly that carries dirt and diseases." - Hagerstown

"Are you kidding me, on the lewd conduct charges at the (male dancers) show up at Hager Hall? The people knew what was gonna be there, and that's what they paid to see is lewd conduct." - Hagerstown

"If health-care professionals in our area don't want to treat people without insurance, then they shouldn't. Also, I feel that social workers in our area should be a lot more compassionate. Your job is to serve the people, not to fight with the people. You don't know somebody else's circumstances until you walk a mile in their shoes." - Funkstown

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