Letters to the Editor

June 22, 2009

The music genre Maryland is missing out on

To the editor:

The United States is considered a "mixing bowl" of cultures and likewise, the state of Maryland personifies this notion, having many cultural regions such as the Appalachian west, urban central and agricultural Eastern Shore combined in one small state.

The influences of these regions are not isolated within each region, but are mixed to a varying degree in all Maryland citizens. Local FM stations in this area seem to be very unrepresentative, however, by supporting only genres and artists that represent segregated elements of local culture. Americana is a music genre that mixes traditional country, rock and blues elements together, and we're missing out.

Recently, Sharpsburg was lucky enough to have a special event hosted by an ambitious citizen that featured Americana music. The Gourds, who have been personifying the idea of Americana music since 1994, were the featured band for the event. The folks who attended The Gourds' show that day greatly enjoyed the performance, but it is questionable whether local citizens will have this opportunity again in the future because of the lack of local market awareness.


Indeed, there are many crises occurring locally and the music scene might not seem like an important one, but throughout American history, music has often been a source of comfort and inspiration in hard times. As a radio listener, I'm imploring local FM stations to give others and myself the opportunity to hear Americana music weekly on the local FM stations without having to purchase satellite radio.

Cassandra Mullinix

It's not too early to think about 2010 election

To the editor:

It is a known fact some registered Republicans will only support and vote for registered Republican office seekers. It is likewise a fact some Democrats will only support other Democrats. I ask - do either the Republicans or Democrats have a monopoly on good ideas or people?

In my opinion, these are unusual times. Next year, we, as a community, will be electing almost every position in Washington County from School Board to U.S. Congress. We need the best and brightest to serve in our elected capacity. We need office holders who know how to serve with strength, compassion, fair-mindedness and a willingness to uphold the laws on the books.

I believe it is not too early for prospective office seekers to be doing research and recruiting key people to support their candidacy.

Just a few views from a taxpayer concerned about our community.

Meredith Fouche

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