Mail Call

June 22, 2009

"I am calling ... about President Obama's health- care plan for everyone to have. Maybe someone can help me out there, if I'm thinking wrong. I pay for my health care for nearly 40 years now, and now the government, which is all of us who pay for taxes, is going to make sure that everyone has health care. It sounds like I will be helping to pay someone else's health care, too, who never cared to have it. Can someone maybe explain that to me?" - Boonsboro

"I'm calling about battery-operated vehicles. Government's trying to force you into buying small vehicles with batteries in them, which are about $1,500, $2,000 more. You gotta find a place to park to plug them in. Say if you went up to Mail Call, up to where your office is. You're gonna have to put plugs all over your parking lot. So if you don't have a place to park in front of your house, which you can park, because anybody can park there, you gotta take and put the electric wiring out to the street and under the street and under the sidewalk." - Hagerstown


"I've lived in Hagerstown for 20 years now, kept my property very nice, I think. I will pat myself on the back for that, but when they were renovating the Salem Avenue school, some of the construction vehicles would park out front. I don't park out front; I have a double driveway. Now, they damaged the curb, these big trucks, which I can live with, if somebody would fix the curb now. I called the city, the city said call the BOE. This passing the buck back and forth did not get my curb fixed. I'm not going to fix it myself. I can patch it, and it'll probably look OK, but yes, I've called everybody that I can think of and nobody ever got back to me." - Hagerstown

"I was driving down Potomac Street, and the alleys down there ... look horrible. I mean, somebody should get in there actually and weed them out because they look disgusting." - Hagerstown

"Thank you, David, for the mushrooms I bought off of you. They were good." - National Pike

"Where can I get the budget report on the joint venture of the water and sewer department, the City of Hagerstown and Washington County? Their entire budget was going to - how much debt has to be paid. I'd like to have complete transparency, see exactly what's going on in this situation. So where do I find that? Is it a matter of public record, and if so, where do I find it?" - Washington County

"I've been following the correctional officer trial going on at the present time in Circuit Court, and quite interesting, I saw the pictures of the inmate that allegedly was beaten, but I've never seen nothing of the staff, any pictures, that were beaten at Victor Cullen." - Sharpsburg

"I'm calling about the senior citizens center they want to build out at Hagerstown (Commuinity) College. It's just gonna cost the county more money, city, and a lot of these people don't have a way out there. It's gonna cost them six, seven dollars to go and back, each way. So build it out there for people that have money, and let the people in town that don't have money suffer." - Hagerstown

"I see where the Washington County Commissioners wants to build a new senior citizen (center) by Hagerstown (community) college. This is no time to be paying taxpayers' money to buy ground to build a senior citizen center - and I'm a senior citizen. You got all these other buildings out here that's already up, Richardson's diner up there. You got too many places that's setting empty right now, empty buildings, that you could use for senior citizens. Why don't you commissioners use your head a little bit?" - Hagerstown

"I just read in the newspaper about the BOE and how they want to build these schools in the future. I'd like to know when this is going to stop. I'm a state employee, I've been furloughed twice, the county is losing businesses, people are unemployed. The BOE, I know because I have a friend that is an employee, got a 3 percent raise plus a step raise this year. In their budget next year, they're supposed to get more. We have to put a stop on this. I hope people get behind this. There are other people that need these raises also." - Hagerstown

"If the city is going to charge us a fee and put in curbs and sidewalks, then they should pay for the snow removal. Then we will get another increase, and the landlords will just pass it on to their tenants." - Hagerstown

"The city just put down an expensive street on the block from Public Square to Antietam. At 8:15 a.m. this morning, I stopped at signal light at Antietam, and in front of the restaurants, there must have been 150 cigarette butts along the curb. Is this what we are paying for?" - Hagerstown

"It's amazing to me, they put the little tiny bit of information of how much they're spending, the Democrats are spending for the wars they're in, on the back page so nobody can read it, but when Republicans were in there, it was plastered all over the front page. Wonder what's up with that." - Hagerstown

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