Read and earn prizes this summer at the library

June 19, 2009|By CATHERINE HALL / Special to The Herald-Mail

On a budget? Looking for fun, free, local activities for the whole family? Then we have what you are looking for.

This summer, join a summer reading club at the Washington County Free Library. As part of the club, you'll earn prizes while keeping up on your reading skills. This year's theme, Be Creative at Your Library, will also keep you using your imagination and learning new skills. The club is free and open to children ages 10 and younger.

Older than 10? No problem, we have a club just for you.

If you are 11 to 18 years old, you can join our Express Yourself at Your Library Club. You'll also earn prizes by completing activities meant to help you keep up with your reading skills while expressing yourself. All for free.

Our adult summer reading club is open to anyone older than 18; registration is free. Registration forms and book review forms can be picked up at any library branch. Reviews received each week will be entered in that week's special prize drawing.


Beat the heat, save money and learn about the library this summer by joining one of our summer reading clubs. Questions? Call Washington County Free Library' central library at 301-739-3250, ext. 132, for more information.

Ready to Be Creative at Your Library? Starting with one of these creative books:

o "Drawing with Your Fingerprints" by Godeleine De Rosamel (ages 3 to 8)

Draw a face, two flowers, a duck or a ram. Start with a finger-, thumb-, hand-, or fist print, then follow the colored pencil.

o "Make It!" by Jane Bull (ages 5 to 10)

Step-by-step instructions teach you how to make crafts from recycled or reused paper, plastic and other materials that you find around the house.

o "Games Book" by Greta Speechley (ages 5 to 10)

Learn to make all sorts of fun games, from checkers to a marble maze to Monster Mouths.

o "Kids Knitting" by Melanie Falick (ages 7 to 14)

Provides step-by-step instructions covering basic stitches, knitting tools and finger-knitting, with directions for 12 easy projects.

o "Making Comic Books" by Michael Teitelbaum (ages 8 to 11)

Do you love comic books? Learn about the steps involved in making a comic, and watch as a comic comes to life.

o "Make Your Own Cool Cards" by Peg Blanchette (ages 8 to 13)

Make a variety of cards and envelopes, from simple, flat rectangles to more complicated shapes, even three-dimensional cards.

o "Jazzy Jewelry" by Diane Baker (ages 9 to 14)

Here are popular fashions to adorn yourself from head to toe, with more than 100 fun ideas.

o "1-2-3 Calligraphy!" by Eleanor Winters (ages 10 and up)

After you learn how to write the alphabet in lots of different ways, make some projects to show off your fancy handwriting.

o "Embroidery" by Judy Ann Sadler (ages 10 to 14)

Once you've learned a few simple stitches, you can create amazing designs on your clothes and make one-of-a-kind gifts.

Catherine Hall is children's librarian with the Washington County Free Library.

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