Letters to the editor

June 19, 2009

A father's patience pays off

To the editor:

My father surpassed Job as far as being patient with me as a child and in later years as well. I was the youngest of six girls, with my two younger brothers following after me, and from birth seemed to have an agenda all my own.

I was born to see if my parents could obtain sainthood without leaving the earth, as I tried to swallow a nickel, carved the furniture with "Z's" after seeing Disney's "Zorro" on television and really believed God gave us noses to hide marbles, peas and whatever else could be pushed up there. I was also a daredevil on a skateboard until my mother finally took it away from me and threw it in the trash.

My greatest feat was placing one of my mother's hairpins in an electric socket and living to tell the tale. (There were no plug covers back in those days.) My father stepped over into another realm of patience that day as he held me in his arms afterwards, my thin blonde hair frizzed out like a dandelion.


Throughout a lifetime of being the "kid with excess energy," as they called it back then, my father was always there for me. I believe the faith in God I have today is because of his unconditional love. Like my heavenly Father, while I continually tested and tried my dad's patience, he never stopped loving me. His corrections were done quietly and his forgiveness was immediate, with no records kept of wrongdoings. He was a great example of what love should be about.

I only hope my dad can see me now and know his patience is beginning to pay off. To all the fathers who are raising less-than-perfect kids, those challenging children we all have known or have been, I pray you have a happy and very peaceful Father's Day.

Kate Prado

Umps exemplify sportsmanship, leadership

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank local high school baseball umpires Dwight Hoffman and Mike Wilder from Washington County and Randy Whitby from Frederick County.

On Sunday, May 31, these three men donated their time to umpire the 2009 Mid-Atlantic All-Star Baseball Classic at Municipal Stadium. All three individuals umpired all nine innings of both all-star games free of charge, which involved giving up their entire day.

These men exemplify true sportsmanship and leadership among their respective associations. They not only provided officiating, but helped to further opportunities for the athletes and to raise money for our charitable cause, pediatric congenital heart disease research.

Thank you again for your time and service to our community.

Dave Foltz
MABC director

Thanks to Dr. Salvagno and his staff

To the editor:

Recently, I had a total knee replacement. I chose Dr. Ralph Salvagno as my surgeon, and Washington County Hospital for my initial recovery and therapy training.

What fortunate choices I made. The operation was swift, sure and successful. My care from the staff on the sixth floor at Washington County Hospital was exceptional. I am amazed at the speed of my recovery and of the progress I am making. All my apprehensions were silly, as it turns out.

My deep appreciation and sincere thanks go to Dr. Salvagno and his staff, and to the joint/rehab staff on the sixth floor at our hospital. What marvelous teamwork.

Betty l. Wright
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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