Mail Call

June 17, 2009

"I just wanted to thank Mr. Kitchens of Smithsburg High School, who retired this year, for speaking at graduation, and being one of the best teachers that I've ever had. His speech was great, and I'm really glad that he was able to do that, and impact our lives so much. Thank you, Mr. Kitchens." - Hagerstown

"Want to give a big thank you to Stephanie ... at the Hagerstown YMCA. She is one fantastic woman. She is the trainer for 'Ultimate Conditioning,' and I have to say this is the best fitness class I have ever taken. She is dedicated and excellent in what she does. I have struggled with weight for a long time, and she is what has made a difference in my life. Thanks again, Stephanie." - Hagerstown

"I boat on the Potomac River every weekend. I was just wondering when the park service might be putting out the buoys at Four Locks and Dam No. 5. It would be nice if they'd be out for the Fourth of July." - Hagerstown


"I received my part of the stimulus package. It was $250. That was just enough to pay one-tenth of my quarterly income tax. I am not sure who all this stimulus package helps. Our government borrows trillions from China. They give me $250. I pay my taxes with that money, and the government pays China billions." - Halfway

"The article on Tuesday, June 16, page A3, no static in switching to digital, you should interview the public that has antennas. That's what is affected. We couldn't get any channels at all. We bought a booster, and now we only get five: 25 ... a kids' show, old shows and some Spanish-speaking show. What happened to channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 32 and so on?" - Smithsburg

"You want to talk about taxation without representation, look at Lakeside Park. They get absolutely no county services. They don't even get snow plow removal, but yet they pay county taxes, just like any development, like Greenberry Hills, Black Rock Estates, any of the developments on the east end of town. They are told that they are a private development. Well, guess what? So is everything else, but they get county services. Come on, county. It's time for a revolt. Taxation without representation must end." - Hagerstown

"I would like to see where all the change Obama promised is at. The only thing I see is higher food prices, higher gas prices and lower interest rates." - Funkstown

"I live in North Brook development. Since nobody talks to me here, I was just wondering when the yard sale for North Brook development is." - Hagerstown

"I see in the ... Herald-Mail on the 16th, in reference to the Mail Call about County Roads in Clear Spring doing mowing and all. I am well pleased. We live out in the Beck Road, Old Forge area. Our person out here does a wonderful job, and the County Roads are to be congratulated. For no more men and manpower than they have, they do a good job in this county. Thank goodness for ours, and thank you, Smithsburg." - Chewsville

"Why can't people realize that the circumstances we are in today are a direct result of the previous eight-year administration, and no one, including Obama, can change it overnight?" - Williamsport

"I went to the Rohrersville picnic, which was intended to be the Rohrersville strawberry festival, but when I got there, I heard tractors, I've seen everything, and we got moved from one place to the other by parking. The road was narrow, and that's not a road there for Rohrersville for tractors, and when I was leaving to come out, there was a big tractor-trailer coming in. It's good I was in where I was or I'd never, he'd never gotten around. That road's not for that." - Boonsboro

"I was reading about Obama speaking to the doctors yesterday, and I was wondering how long it would take before those doctors would be identified, and their names put on a list of future conscripted doctors for national care. They gotta come from somewhere." - Hagerstown

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