Deed transfers for May 2009

June 15, 2009

Westfields Investment LLC, 18203 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Dan Ryan Builders Inc., for $58,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18235 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Xin Cheng, for $172,900.

Andoh Anoriku, 12531 Atlanta Court, Hagerstown, to Viviane A. Abissi, for $150,000.

Noelle Ansolabehere, 9423 Morning Walk Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeremy Edward Shannon, for $225,000.

Rose S. Robinson, 18219 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Clifford E. Miles, for $315,000.

Kevin P. Newhouse, 17834 Sherman Ave., Hagerstown, to Douglas A. and Amy K. Guessford, for $166,000.

Michael and Jean L. Siewert, 4439 Chestnut Grove Road, Keedysville, to Martha M. Faraday, for $280,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. 12910 Yellow Jacket Road, Hagerstown, to Al J. Stewart, for $179,990.

Charlotte Smith, 18018 Par Three Drive, Hagerstown, to Melissa Kay South, for $136,500.

Steve Blair, 717 Sunset Ave., Hagerstown, to Mark A. and Pamela J. Donia, for $141,000.


Harvey E. Kneas Jr., 18716 Rolling Road, Hagerstown, to Curtis L. III and Sigrid S. Reynolds, for $335,000.

Gregory L. and Travis J. Trumpower, 13406 Mercersburg Road, Clear Spring, to Christopher Sines, for $155,000.

Gregory L. Taylor, 19 Bittersweet Drive, Hagerstown, to David L. Schooley, for $229,500.

Thomas M. and Bonnie D. Palamar, 2220 Beverly Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey and Sarah Bare, for $183,000.

Admar Construction Inc., 13521 Essex Drive, Hagerstown, to Marcus S. and Kelly Z. Conrad, for $294,000.

Paul C. Bryan, 221 Cumberland St., Clear Spring, to Debra L. Altman, for $135,000.

Gemcraft Homes Inc., 12462 Fallen Timber Circle, Hagerstown, to Ayite Adjangba, for $329,465.

Sagi Property Nine LLC, 14/16 Elizabeth St., Hagerstown, to Denise Klinefelter, for $145,000.

St. James Duplexes Inc., 1143 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to CAD Investments LLC, for $221,500.

Mary E. Grim, 2469 Boteler Road, Rohrersville, to Rocky Spring Enterprises Inc., for $100,000.

Brothers Investments LLC, 912 Harpers Ferry Road, Knoxville, to Shaun M. Boggs,for $116,000.

Valhalla Investments LLC, 801 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, to David L. Patterson, for $105,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12917 Yellow Jacket Road, Hagerstown, to Donald C. Fowler, for $179,990.

Shanan A. and Derek L. Heckman, 7237 Dam 4 Road, Sharpsburg, to Samuel R. Jr. and Ellen M. Allen, for $95,000.

Mary H. Snyder, 13327 Fairfax Road, Hagerstown, to Marcus A. and Christina M. Steips, for $408,000.

Steven Powell, 361 Yorkshire Drive, Hagerstown, to Lara N. Lombardi, for $139,000.

Eugene Albert Jr., 15530 Mobile Road, Williamsport, to Wade and Charlotte Burkholder, for $109,000.

Nicholas N. Sadler, 204 Hager St., Hagerstown, to Sean Sammons, for $160,000.

Michele L. Althouse, 16710 Hampton Road, Williamsport, to Brett C. Koester, for $185,000.

Dolly M. Trumpower, 13822 Eden Drive, Hagerstown, to Derek Jones, for $225,000.

Priority 1 Properties LLC, 11915 Heather Drive, Hagerstown, to Lindsay N. Freeman, for $115,000.

Mark S. Brezler Sr., 109 Buttercup Drive, Hagerstown, to Donald N. and Doris M. Fiol, for $187,000.

Sandra K. Stottlemyer, 63 Amanda Drive, Smithsburg, to Tory A. Eyler, for $215,000.

Michael T. Martin, 13419 Rhodes Court, Clear Spring, to Teresa Whittaker, for $256,500.

Martin A. Kurtyka, 35 Laurel St., Hagerstown, to Brian M. Snyder, for $181,000.

Robert W. Demmitt, 11720 Wolf Lane, Williamsport, to Georgia L. Smith, for $115,000.

Briarmount LC, 10130 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $83,000.

Donald L. and Annabel Hiltz, 4529 Sharmans Run, Sharpsburg, to Bradley and Ashley Stotelmyer, for $250,000.

Donald N. and Doris M. Fiol, 158 Southern Oak Drive, Hagerstown, to Dolly M. Trumpower, for $180,000.

Briarmount LC, 18732 Mary Flowers Way, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $83,000.

Gideon Properties LLC, 29 S. Vermont St., Williamsport, to Ernest R. and Olesya A. Grogg, for $142,000.

Margaret M. Broadwater, 2008 McFarland Road, Hancock, to Stanley C. and Sally Jo Bowser, for $135,000.

JR Rentals Co., 12308 Cedar Ridge Road, Williamsport, to Mary D. McDonald, for $135,000.

Joshua N. and Laurie B. Madison, 13726 Patriot Way, Hagerstown, to Judie Lynne Lowry, for $225,000.

Carla K. and Frank R. Pickett Jr., 3331 Hawks Hill Lane, Keedysville, to Kevin E. Morgan, for $315,000.

William C. and Lillian G. Myers, 10834 Oak Forest Drive, Hagerstown, to Ramnarine and Barbara A. Hardeo, for $180,000.

Harold B. Garrett, 411 Reynolds Ave., Hagerstown, to Teddy R. McClanathan Jr., for $115,000.

Peggy Elizabeth Hawbaker, 13942 Weaver Ave., Maugansville, to Courtney B. and Donald L. Chambers III, for $155,000.

Edward F. and Marlene N. Plumer, 15917 Hibiscus Drive, Hagerstown, to Trent and Angel N. Showe, for $194,000.

Amy Fenstermacher, 186 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Dilipkumar and Vijayalaxmi Kalyankar, for $167,000.

Adelene B. Frey, 1612 Woodlands Run, Hagerstown, to Gerald and Lynette Scallion, for $118,000.

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